You’re an architect

You're an architect

This is so true of all parents.  Each day is a chance to shape the future for our little ones.

I’ve been obsessed with listening to John Mayer lately and this quote from “A Face to Call Home” is amazing.  The entire song is full of thoughtful lyrics, but this really hits home for me.  For most parents those days he talks about aren’t our own, they belong to our children.  That’s our job, to lay the foundation for them to have the best life possible.  We do that everyday by loving them and instilling confidence.  Through discipline we teach them that there are rules in the world and they need to be followed.  We teach them to read and write, to love others, to see the world.  Being a parent is the toughest most rewarding job in the world.  And if done right, our job can change the world.

Give your kiddos an extra squeeze today and do something that will shape their days that haven’t happened yet  because you’re an architect.




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