Meet Lisa

Happy Friday!  Today I have a hard working mama for you to meet.  Her name is Lisa and you will love her!   She is one of those people that make you feel at ease as soon as you meet her.  She and her hubby have two adorable, curious, and busy little girls.  FYI – I now covet her covet.  Like a need another thing to add to my list…..

Meet Lisa


Memories by Michelle Photography

I’m Lisa and I live in Folsom with my family. My husband, Jeff, and I have been married for seven years. We now have two daughters – Sydney and Caitlin. Sydney is 5 and starting kindergarten this fall. Caitlin is 2 and in the middle of her “me do” phase. I love them; they are my people.


As the girls are getting older, they play so well together. I love listening to them make up games and dance around the house. They are still obsessed with the Frozen soundtrack!

I also love everything country music, my cowboy boots that I rarely wear, and lots and lots of coffee in the morning!

Currently Coveting:


DIY Farmhouse table via Tommy and Ellie

We bought a new home last year and we’re still furnishing it. I’m currently obsessed with farmhouse tables and I’ve talked my husband into building me one. We’re thinking about something like this and I cannot wait to get started!



Distressed Reclaimed Wood Wall Art by RusticModernDesigns $699

I’m also stalking this rustic wall art on etsy. I absolutely love this reclaimed wood piece.

I really love…


My calendar. I love organizing things, especially trips with my friends and family. My husband jokes that I like to plan things more than I like to do things.  It isn’t true, but he’s close!

Guilty Pleasure…

I had a hard time deciding this, but it is probably work. I work out of the house three days a week for the State of California in Water Quality Regulation. I definitely have mom guilt for leaving my kids, but I enjoy what I do and feel very fortunate to work in my field part time.

Fave beauty item:


Cetaphil Cream $13.49

I have really dry skin and I really dislike smell, especially around my face. So sometimes I have issues with beauty products because the smell will give me a headache. I’ve been using Cetaphil cream for years and I do not know where my face would be without it!


SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50 $34

I also love my SkinCeuticals sunscreen. It’s a great daily sunscreen for your face, and again, no smell!

Recent mommy moment…


Honestly, I have an embarrassing mom moment every week! But my my most vivid recent moment was a few months ago in Disneyland. It was our last morning and we were packing to go. We had brought two single umbrella strollers to the parks and it had worked out really well. So, that last morning Jeff takes one of the strollers down with luggage. As we prepare to leave Caitlin jumps in one and Sydney starts to pout about not having one. So I tell Jeff to go ahead with Cate and Syd and I will follow. Then Sydney melts down. But, I’m over crying by this point and I tell her it’s time to go and I walk out of the hotel room. The door is still open and I figure she’ll follow. It get a few doors down the hall when she starts screaming HELP at the top of her lungs in the room. So, of course I head back to her, but not before the family in the room next to us is out in the hallway, staring into our room, and asking her if she’s okay. It took a minute to clear things up and we were on our way.

That table is fabulous!  The mom moment is such a classic!  They have their ways of making us look terrible at the most inopportune moments. Thanks so much for letting us peek into your life.  Your girls are such cuties, what a beautiful family you have!
Have a great weekend!





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