Swim Team: Display the ribbons, stay cool, and Pasta Night


Ahhhh, swim season.  When I was younger I looked forward to it and cried a little when it was done, especially during the photo montage at Awards Night.  I loved everything about swim season, except I occasionally disliked having to get up so early for swim meets.  Now that I’m the mom of a swimmer I have many mixed emotions and an entirely different perspective on the season.  I find myself with ribbons and medals that I have no idea where to put or how to display, I find myself sweating way too much as the temps skyrocket and the sun goes just to the side of my pop-up, and I’ve been thinking … what will I bring to Pasta Night??  So, I scoured Pinterest to find some answers to these questions.

For more inspiration you can follow my board Swim Team – Ooooh Barracudas.  You can find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!

Ribbon Storage/Display


 Swim Team Ribbon Display Idea via Lee’s Hill Lightning Flash Newsletter

This is a basic, yet very good solution for ribbon storage.  The ribbons are all hanging on a belt and the medals are tied around the belt buckle.


 No Source Found

For the scrapbooker.  I like this because it shows you the specifics, like heats and times.


Swim Team Ribbons via Dixie Delights

Easy to do and a great way to look back over the years.


 No Source Found

Wow, this is pretty impressive.  I guess you have to be sure you won’t use that cap again.


No Source Found

I really like this.  On the back of the door it is out of full sight, but still proudly displays the award.  I also like that there is a shelf for trophies.


Spirit Ribbons Hair Bow Tutorial via Uncommon Designs

Make a hair bow out of the ribbons.  I’ve made these before and they were pretty easy.


No Source Found

This is one for all the quilters out there.  It’s very impressive.


Stay Cool at the Swim Meet


Keep Cool Necklace via Tomorrow Farm Fiber Arts

These might look ridiculous, but you know what looks more ridiculous?  Being crazy sweaty and putting an ice pack down your shirt.  Yep, I’ll take these slightly Flintone-ish baubles over the other options…


Arctic Towel via ChinaBerry

 I do not have one of these towels, but I have heard really great things about them!


DIY Towel Pants via 2nd Story Sewing

Towel pants are great for the kiddos at a swim meet.  They will wear them in the am because they are comfy and keep them warm.  They’ll wear them to and from their races because they’ll keep them dry.  These are adorable, but you could make them with your swim team’s towels.


Towel Pants via Kiki’s Nation

 If you don’t sew, you could buy them here.

Pasta Night Pot Luck


Daphne Oz’s Perfect Pot Luck Pasta Salad via The Chew

This looks delicious!


Corn and Zucchini Orzo via Martha Stewart

Orzo is a great break from the tables and tables of noodles.  Even though it is actually pasta, it looks like rice.  I like that this dish is packed with veggies.


Pesto Orzo via Under the Big Oak Tree

 Another orzo option.  Who doesn’t love pesto???  And the broccoli adds fiber.  Perfect for the big meet!


If you need more inspo you can follow my Swim Team – Ooooh Barracudas board here, and find all my boards and pins here.



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