Meet Liz

It’s not Friday, but I have a mama for you to meet today because tomorrow we will all be celebrating ‘Merica.  My Yankee Doodle Dandees and I have been having too much fun on our mountain vacay.  I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my top/favorite posts this week.  I’m looking forward to getting back to putting up brand new content next week.  Until then, If you want to keep up with our shenanigans, you can see daily vacay pics (if you’re into that sorta thing) by following me on Instagram @mamamomtourage.  Cheers!

me and grayson

This mama is a multi-talented jet setter!  She’s smart, crafty, creative, artistic, can knit and sew, loves life, loves her hubby and her little man!  Before she became a mom, she worked for some TOP New York magazines.  This pretty lady is sure to start your day right with some extravagance and a few things to add to your shopping list.

Meet Liz…


My name is Liz Colley, and my husband Jeremy and I just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. We have been living in El Dorado Hills for almost as long as we have been married, having moved from New York in 2009 when Jeremy took a job as a forensic psychiatrist for Folsom State Prison.

me and jeremy

In NY I worked as a graphic designer for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines, but now am a full time mom to our three-year-old son Grayson, and part time crafter/artist/designer.

quilts I struggled for many years trying to balance my desire to work with my need to be available to our son and what I came up with was Little Colley Design, my online easy store, selling baby quilts and knit blankets. I still do a little graphic design work from home, and have spent some time trying to re-live my art school days by turning our dining room into a painting studio…but it turns out that sewing is currently the best fit for my life.


I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderfully supportive husband, a beautiful handful of a son, and two ridiculous pugs.

Currently Coveting:


NetJets membership 

starting at $119,600 up to $4.4 million

I know this is INSANE, but at the top of my covet list is a NetJets membership. My family is all still on the east coast, so I find myself traveling across country at least 3-4 times a year and always with Grayson in tow. And I can tell you, no matter what your age, flying for 6+ hours is brutal!


I have been the mom dragging my car seat through the airport and onto a plane only to be told that it isn’t approved (but strapping a 2 year old into a seat with only a lap belt is a great idea?!!). I have had my flight canceled and re-scheduled for the next day leaving me stranded in a hotel room trying to mentally count the times my son will poop in the next 24 hours hoping I will have enough diapers. And I have been the mom pleading with a flight attendant to please let me use the bathroom to change my sons toxic diaper even though the fasten seat belt light just came on. Grayson is a great traveler, all things considered, but boy would it be great to have a private plane!

I really love…


FitBit $99.95

FitBit! Well technically it was a birthday gift given to my husband, but he hesitated for a split second after opening the box and it has been on my wrist ever since. My toughest competition at the moment is with my younger brother, providing the perfect amount of extra motivation to stay on the treadmill just a little bit longer.

Guilty Pleasure…

puddle jumper 1

Puddle Jumper $16

I know it’s a little strange, but right now my guilty pleasure is my son’s puddle jumper! This miracle devise has given Grayson the freedom to swim independently, and I have the piece of mind knowing that he is always going to stay bobbing on the surface of the water.

puddle jumper 2

Afternoons at the pool are now way more fun and relaxing for both of us!

Fave beauty item:


 Aveda Air Control Hairspray $25

As a child of the 80’s I am no stranger to hairspray, but this is the absolute best I have found for everyday use. It is super light, with great hold and can be brushed through to add a little volume.

Recent mommy moment…


It’s no secret that Grayson has never been good about taking naps. But, like every kid, there are times when sleep wins out, and that’s when I will find him passed out around the house. My favorite, and the most recent, was when he was sitting backwards in his chair talking to me while I made dinner and then just went silent…

Thanks so much for sharing a little bit of your life with us, Liz!  Your Etsy shop, , Little Colley Design, has adorable quilts!  You guys should totally check out all the beautiful fabrics.  You can follow Little Colley Design on Pinterest too.  I love my puddle jumper too.  It really makes life easier.  I love the pictures of your adorable guy falling asleep all over!  Too funny!

Have a patriotic weekend!




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