Go See Do: San Francisco Part 1


A few months ago I had the pleasure of writing a travel article for Mom it Forward about traveling to San Francisco with kids.  The truth is that The City has always held a special place in my heart.  But my kids had never been until this last Father’s Day weekend.  I was driving with my little Rinos about a month ago and I had this conversation with my sweet little girl.

L – Mom, you know, Father’s Day is coming up.  What are we going to do for dad?

Me – Hmmmmm, I have some ideas, but I was wondering what ideas you had.  What do you think daddy would like for Father’s Day?

L – Well, I was thinking that daddy likes to spend time with us and he can’t be with us as much as he likes, so maybe we should give him a day off work.

Me – Aw, honey that’s so sweet.  But I don’t have that kinda power.  Any other ideas?

L – I know!  How about we go to The City with daddy!

Me – That sounds great.  What should we do there?

L – Hmmmmmm, I’ll get our itinerary together!


And she did.  I often feel like my kids look so much like my husband and they have so many of his behaviors and manerisms that I don’t always see myself in them.  But when she did this and said the word “itinerary”, I seriously welled up with tears of pride.  There I am, she does have some of me in there!  I’m always in awe of her artistic ability.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 6.15.50 AM

First on the list is the Presidio.  My husband and I recently did an Urban Hike in SF.  When we showed the kiddos the pics from our trip, our daughter was dying to go to The City and try out the Wood Line in the Presidio.  If you have never been, you should know that the Presdio is a very big place with all kinds of things to do and see for all different ages, interests, and physical capabilities.  You could spend several days exploring all it has to offer.  The best part of the Presidio is that the parking is free.  Our little adventure in this post cost us nothing except the drive to SF and what we put in our picnic lunch.  To cut costs, we could have made this a day trip.  In which case, I would have stayed in the Presidio, but ventured down closer to the Palace of Fine Arts and Chrissy Field, both technically part of the Presidio.


We entered at the Arguello gates on West Pacific Avenue and parked at the scenic overlook at Inspiration Point.  There are some seriously gorgeous views on a clear day of Alcatraz, the Golden Gate, the Palace of Fine Arts, and the Marina.


We were also so lucky to see a 200lb working replica of R2D2 having a photo shoot.  That was random.  Love SF!

wishing well

We took the Ecology Trail down past El Polin Spring.  That’s when when my daughter saw what she thought just had to be a wishing well.  She has been dying to whisper her wishes into one for so long.  So, we hiked up to it and … it wasn’t a well.  But because she’s never seen a real one, she whispered her wish anyway – ice powers like Elsa.  Of course her brother had to as well – to be turned into a stygimoloch dinosaur.


This walk took a little while with small kids, but they had a good time.  There were some hills and loose gravel.

playground collage

We started on the Mountain Lake Trail and went to the Julius Kahn Playground.  It’s such a fun playground.  It had some really cool structures I’ve never seen at playgrounds before.  The kids really enjoyed all the fun new things.  I love that you can see the kids playing and the Golden Gate Bridge peeking above the fog in the background.

wood line

After that we continued on the Mountain Lake Trail and headed towards the Wood Line.  This was the creme de la creme of the Presidio for her.  She saw pictures of us doing it and really wanted to try it for herself.  She did and she loved it!  So did her brother.  Super dad to the rescue!  If you’ve never done this, it a must do.


There was a pretty cool little hut someone made along the way.  I think the kids wanted to move in!


We had a picnic lunch on the baseball diamond by the playground.  Plenty of room for the kids to run around.  My hubby ran back to the car and brought it to us so we didn’t had to schlep the kids back up the hill.  Love that man.


After that, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and get ready for our afternoon adventure.  This part was pants optional.  The kids loved being up high with a street view.  They were playing games and pretending to talk to the people walking below.


Then we were off the Aquarium of the Bay at Pier 39.  More about this in another post.



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