Take time for you

Take time for you

How are you doing with your goals?  Are you being honest with yourself?  Summer is a trying time.  Kids are out of school, schedules are off, the days are literally longer, there are more social responsibilities for the kids and yourself, it’s hot, and there are new schedules to get used to.  How are you doing with all of it?  Are you remembering to take some time for yourself?  Did you drink enough water yesterday?  Did you go to the gym as many times as you were supposed to last week?  Are you being true to yourself?

In the hustle bustle of summer, it’s easy to for moms to forget to take care of themselves.  But you cannot be you unless you take a minute to check-in with yourself.  What do YOU need to do this week for YOU?  Whatever it is, take time to accomplish those things.  Ya, ya, ya, I know, you’re a memory maker and there are things you want to do for the kids to make this the “Best summer ever!”.  But that can wait.  They can have one day or one week where they have to make their own fun.  It will all be OK.  Take care of you and you will come back with a whole new fervor for the kids, summer fun, and life in general.  I promise.  Do you girl!

Take time for you.




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