Vanity Dreams

mood board
My personal style has evolved over the years.  What’s in my heart and what I want on my body gets reflected in my home.  I like my home to feel collected, I like to mix high and low price points, I like to keep the colors fairly neutral with grays and whites and add pops of colors like blues and yellows here and there.  I like the texture of old, chippy things contrasted with glossy smooth finishes.  I also like to use things in unexpected ways or places.  I guess you could say that I’ve got an eclectic home esthetic that puts tradition and quirk together.
When I was asked by One Kings Lane to participate in their Reflect Your Style campaign by creating my dream vanity, I jumped at the chance.  Are you kidding?  I love their website and have purchased many things from them over the years.  Plus, what mom doesn’t dream about having an area in their home all about making them feel beautiful?  So I channeled my inner Leslie Harris-Keane and started to dream a little dream.

Vanity Basics

It all started with this mirror.  The beautiful Lenoir mirror is huge, over four feet tall!  Anytime I put a mirror in a room, it instantly appears, bigger and brighter.  So this beauty is the centerpiece of my dream vanity.  Find your own dream vanity centerpiece here.
The Lenoir mirror will be sitting on top of this Hudson Desk turned vanity.  It’s made of reclaimed oak and has a distressed finish.  I love the color and the clean lines.  Plus, every vanity needs at least one drawer.
I’ve had an obsession with “Ghost Chairs” for quite some time now.  This chair has the traditional look of a wingback in a super modern polycarbonate lucite that allows it to sorta “disappear” into a room.  The exact blend of quirk and traditional I love.  I would top the seat with a soft white fur.

Vanity Decor


14″ Female Bust Figurine $39

I love my jewels, that’s no secret around here.  But I really love to use my jewelry as decor.  This feminine bust is the perfect canvas to wear the statement necklace I’m loving right now.  The glossy finish and pure white color will make a beautiful contrast to the distressed blue of the vanity.


16″ Dowager Tray $69

Every vanity needs a catch-all.  This large vintage-inspired tray has a rustic look that is the perfect contrast to your sparkling jewels and beautiful perfume bottles.  I love the turned handles.  I’d put my everyday jewels on these French Peony Coasters and sit them in the tray.


Distressed Rustic Ladder $75

This rustic ladder is about five and a half feet tall.  It’s chippy finish will look great next to the sleek Lenoir Mirror.  Stand it on the ground and lean it against the wall next to your vanity.  The rungs offer space to display jewelry, or use “S” hooks to hang purses and other accessories, or put the perfect outfit together by hanging clothing options on the rungs.

Feel Beautiful

brush storage


The biggest beauty secret I have to offer is to use good, clean make-up brushes.  I love MAC brushes.  They have a great price point, tons to choose from, and wash very well.  Wash your brushes once a week and store them away from dust.  Displaying them in the these striped glass vases topped with a cloche is pretty and functional.

perfume blend

Nectarine Blossom & Honey/Blackberry & Bay

Nothing makes a woman feel more beautiful than smelling fantastic.  Ever since my husband gifted me the Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne for Valentine’s Day I’ve been obsessed with perfume blending.  They packaged it with Blackberry & Bay.  It’s become my go-to blend.  These bottles will look great sitting on the Dowager Tray.


Blue Nude/frame

Everyone needs a little inspiration when the blahs strike.  This Matisse screams femininity and beauty.  I also like to have a picture of me at a time when I felt beautiful.  Having these two things staring back at me on my dream vanity is sure to set the mood.

Have you checked out One Kings Lane yet?  They even offer tools and advice to help you create the interior design that’s just right for you with their Home Decor Handbook.  You can shop all mirrors here.  You can sign up for daily design inspiration here.  Start designing mamas!


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