Meet Nick



Photo credit: Sean Malone Photography

I have been so lucky to have such wonderful men in my life.  It started with my dad and my brother, and continued with Nick and his father.  Nick and I met after we had both moved to the Sacramento area after college.  It wasn’t love at first meet.  But after a long night celebrating a friend who had just completed her first trimester of law school, I ran into him.  I asked him to ride with me to take a male stripper home.  He said yes, and we spent the entire night talking.  Seriously, it’s true.  Just talking.  The rest is history.


This handsome little guy and his sister were raised in Folsom by two loving parents and only went away to attend college at UCD.

Picture 225

We met and married in 2005.


He adopted this little ball of fur.  He had no choice.  She was my baby.


After trying for a few months, we were blessed with this little angel.  This was the biggest change in his entire life.  He started to focus on his health.  We all spent more time at home.  And I saw him turn into a doting, worried, proud papa.  Right before my eyes.


Nick has always loved kids.  He was so great with his cousin’s kids and my nieces.  But I never could have predicted how “hands on” he would be as a father.


Then came Brady.  Another little one to love.  And this time it was a boy.  Our little man.


See, isn’t that adorable.  He’s wearing one and holding onto another.  I love it.


Photo credit: Sean Malone Photography

Having a little man and a little lady has shown me parts of husband I never saw before.  He has so much compassion, empathy, and love for our kids.  He truly is an amazing partner, husband, and dad.  He really loves being with them.  He’s the kinda dad that never wants to miss anything.  He gets down on the floor and plays with them.  He takes them outside to kick or throw a ball around.  He loves the look on their faces when he gets to show them new things.


But let’s not forget that he’s human.  He will teach our kids to do things that will freak me out.


And make me cringe.


A little gambling here and there.


All that just makes him more fun.  And that makes them and me love him even more everyday.


This is a picture of Nick putting up the balloons last night.  This is just another reason why I love him so.  He goes along with all my hair-brained schemes.  He’s artistic, smart, creative, loving, and the best partner and father a girl could ask for.  Happy Father’s Day handsome.  I love you.

Meet Nick…

Hello Ladies and Gents.  I have been the other half (certainly not the better half) of Mama Momtourage for almost 9 years.  She has asked me to do the Five for Friday because there is some kind of special day for men this weekend. So here it goes…the uncomfortable task of talking about myself.   I am 35 years young.  Yeah 35…the age you needed to look to avoid being carded when buying booze.  Unfortunately, I’m lucky to not get carded anymore.  Let’s see, when I am not with the Mama Momtourage Posse (aka my family), I work in the pharmaceutical industry and coach crossfit a few mornings a week at Folsom City CrossFit.  As most of you know we have two beautiful children, Lyla and Brady, who truly are the lights of my life.  In fact, Brady is turning 3 today.  Happy Birthyday buddy!  I’m looking forward to spending his special day doing lots of fun things.

Currently Coveting


I am in need of a serious vacation.  My reserves are running low from the daily grind.  I’ll get some days off soon, but it won’t be as grandiose of a trip that I would really like to take.  The trip I think about a lot is a trip to Italy.  I have heard my wife speak so fondly of the month she spent there and I think that it would be so fun to spend time with her there.  I am a history junkie and there is an abundance of culture and history there.  Although I have traveled domestically a lot for work and been to several places in Mexico and Canada, I have yet to travel across the pond to see Europe.  I can’t think of a more special place I would like to go with Amanda than Italy.  Of course, by the time we go, our kids will likely be old enough to go too…which wouldn’t be so bad…Can you say European Vacation Pt. 2??

I really love…


Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0 $119.99

My Reebok Crossfit Nano 2.0/3.0s.  No surprise here.  Crossfit is a big part of my life.  I love these shoes.  I have had every edition of these shoes.  Truly catered to Crossfit as they suitable for all aspects of fitness (maybe not running).  No matter what type of fitness you like or prefer a good pair of shoes is key.  If your feet hurt it just sucks the motivation out of your body to get up and be active.  Runners particularly understand this but it really is true.

Guilty Pleasure…

Movie Collage

Kids Movies.  I think that I like them as much as my children.  I enjoy taking the kids to the latest kids flick on opening weekend.


If its a sequel, I like to build the excitement for upcoming release by doing movie nights at home with the first movie. And then there’s those damn catchy Disney ballads.  I have a terrible voice.  Believe me, these pipes were not made for public.  That being said I like to elicit some funny faces from my children as I belt out some ballads from popular favorites like Frozen and Tangled.  I may not get all the words right either.  Amanda loves to point out every time I butcher lyrics in a song.  She humors me though.  Sometimes I feel like she is going to smile and pat me on the head and say, “Kids, your Daddy is special…”.

Fave beauty item:


I’m not sure its a beauty item, however, it is a grooming item.  I am speaking of my beard trimmer that is used to clean up beards, sideburns etc. Look, I have some obsessive compulsive tendencies.  For instance I am artistic and when I draw, no matter how far into it I am, if something is not straight or symmetrical I will crumple it up and start over.  But back to the beard trimmer.  I tend to like to keep things clean and straight. Amanda can share several stories about my obsession of keeping my sideburns (or any facial hair clean) straight and clean.  Yeah I just have to own this.  No defense…damn OCD

Recent mommy moment…


Here’s the thing…I’m not really sure that I know what a “mommy moment” is but I do know that when I have a both kids without the wife’s supervision its damn circus.  In actuality, when I have ne of my kids without wife supervision its a damn circus.   For instance, my son and I were spending a Sunday together and he had a stinky situation occur at a park. No big deal.  I have long been desensitized to the smell/look/feel of a poopy diaper.  I thought about letting him just continue to play with the dirty diaper.  I mean he wouldn’t be the first kid, but I couldn’t do that to the other kids.  It was BAD.  He and I walk in to the men’s room of the park and I put him on a sketchy changing table.  The plastic was cold so he was freaking out.  While I was attempting use 50 wipes to clean this boy’s butt up, he kicked the diaper which was still completely open off the changing table.  Instinctively, I reached down and caught it.  Yes, my reflexes are still swift.  Unfortunately, I caught it face down.  My right hand not only caught the diaper, but all of its wonderful contents.  Most would have think that this would be a catastrophe and that I would be dry-heaving at this point.  Oh no, not anymore.  Like I said, desensitized…I simply dumped it all into the garbage can and washed my hand with another 50 baby wipes and some hand sanitizer.  This is what life has become.  I’m not going to lie.  I may have exposed my son to 1-2 foul words underneath my breath when I realized what I had just done.  Don’t think less of me…I did catch a handful of poop.


Haha!  Priceless “Mommy Moment” babe!  Thanks for all that you do and for all that you are.  We love you!  You make our life full!

Have a great weekend!  And happy father’s day to all the dads out there.  Be sure to spoil the men in your life.  You can still get one of these gifts, or make one of these.



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