Father’s Day Craft Ideas


With Father’s Day just a few days away, it’s time to think about a thoughtful craft you can make for Dads or Grandpas.  Dads may not show it very often, but they really enjoy a sentimental, handmade gift from their little ones.  I’ve even seen my own husband tear up a bit at some of the stuff our daughter has made for him.  Today’s round-up of pins is geared towards making Dads and Grandpas feel the love from their biggest fans.  You can follow my Father’s Day board here, and find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!



Father’s Day Note to Daddy

I love to quiz my kids about their dad.  The answers change from year to year and are always hilarious.  I compiled a long list of questions and ask them the same ones every year.  I keep the running list in a file and add to it every year.  My hubby and I really get a kick out of how the answers change from year to year.  You should totally start this new tradition this year!  It’s free and adorable.


Father’s Day Questionnaire and Free Printable via The Crafting Chicks

The quizzes aren’t just for dads.  It’s fun for the grandfathers too!



Father’s Day Ideas via Bits of Everything

The kids and I did something like this last year.  It was pretty cute and the kids really liked glueing the candies on.  I totally remember doing this for my friend’s birthdays when I was growing up.  It’s a classic!


Father’s Day DIY via House Hunt

So cute and so easy!  This is perfect for a desk.  LOVE it!


Father’s Day Photo Collage Via Positively Splendid

 This is similar to the quiz idea, but I really like that it’s so visual and to the point.  It’s totally adorable!


Father’s Day Tree

 I love this for a grandparent.  Use all the grandkids handprints for the leaves.  Very special!


“I love you this much” card via A Day in My Life

This is perfect for grandparents that live far.  You can mail hug!  Just make sure the stretch in the middle is the same distance as your kids arm span.  Adorable!

golf balls

Decorating Golf Balls via Laughing Kids Learn

 Great idea for little ones!  So cute and so thoughtful.


Funny Spatula Father’s Day Gift Idea via Sassy Dealz

 One of the dads from yesterday mentioned he wanted a new BBQ tool set to go with his new BBQ.  This tag MUST be attached to the flipper.  Hilarious!


If you need more inspo you can follow my Father’s Day board here, and find all my boards and pins here.  You can also check out my Father’s Day Gift Guide: By dads for dads from yesterday if you still need to find that perfect gift.




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