Father’s Day Gift Guide from Dads

collageDads are really the best!  To their kids they are their heroes, the stongest man alive, and someone who can do and fix anything.  To their counterparts, they are our teammate, our VIP, the voice of reason, our rock when things get tough.  For all that they do and all they are, they really deserve a thoughtful gift that has them in mind on Father’s Day.  Remember Mother’s Day, didn’t they treat you well?  No, well show them how it’s done this Sunday!  If they did give you the royal treatment, it’s time to return the favor.
Today I am featuring gift picked by dads.  I asked a few dads to tell me what dads really want.  Here’s what they had to say.
Damon is a dedicated father to two of the best little guys around.  He travels internationally for work, has a love for cars – especially Ferraris, and is a die-hard Giants fan.  He took the time to spell out exactly what he thinks dads deserve.
Does your hubby think he is the best driver in the world?   Let him learn how to really drive your own family “race” car, race prepped go-kart or a purpose built race car at Sonoma Raceway. With packages ranging from $295 – $5,995, you can be sure to find something that will have Dad very excited for his “race day!”
Full Day Weekend Rate $295
How many times have we driven by the lake and wished we were out there?  The big SUV with wave runners in tow make you jealous?  We really don’t want to own these ourselves and with bicycles, strollers and sports equipment taking up our garage space, who really has room to own wave runners?  Well, for one day, Dad can zoom around Folsom Lake and act like a kid again.  Rent a wave runner from Granite Bay Personal Water Craft and let Dad and his friends own Folsom Lake.  A great idea for getting a group of Dad’s together.
Hunter Pence signed bat $340.95
Who is Dad’s favorite sports team?  Is there a player that he so desperately wants to do well he can’t even look at the game?  If so, treat Dad with an authentic signed piece of memorabilia.  A bat, a football, a pair game used shoes, any kind of ball, something that ties Dad to his favorite player is forever going to be treasured.
Gift Card to SUD’s in El Dorado Hills or Folsom Glen Car Wash.  Dad is always busy and he use to always keep his the cars spotless.  Instead of him getting the hose and bucket, get him a gift card for a full service wash and even better yet, take the kids, get Dads car washed and let him kick up his feet and relax.  Prices range from $39 – $300.
Can I have some back rubs?  How many mom’s hear this all the time?  If you want the easy route out, but sure to please Dad, get him a 80-minute massage (not a 50-minute quickie). NO, not the massage parlor on Glenn Dr, but a nice reputable place close to home.   For an hour and a half, Dad gets to listen to soothing music he would never play on his own, get the much needed and desired attention to his aching muscles and it’s a one-stop-shop for Mom.  You can never go wrong with getting Dad a massage.  To give Dad the best, check out Arden Hills.
Home Depot or Lowe’s Gift Card.  There are SOOOOOO many things that Dad’s look at and wish they could get.  Unfortunately, diapers, school, sports, food, you name it, take priority over that new power tool or BBQ that Dad would really like to buy.  Encourage your hubby to get something for himself by springing for a gift card to Home Depot, Lowes or speciality back-yard store.
Men have bought their significant others handbags, shoes and accessories for years.  Sometimes, its nice to get something like this in return that Dad would never buy for himself.  A business card holder, a pair of stylish wing-tips (yes, they are cool again),a new smart phone wallet, or even nice BOSE or Beats headphones are all things Dad wishes he had.  The nice part about these personal touch items are that every time your hubby uses them, he will remember his family giving this special item to him on Dad’s day 2014.
Sean is an amazing photographer living in the Bay area.  He has three children and loves all things tech related.  Here are his top Father’s Day picks.
GoPro Camera prices range from $199-$399
MacBook Air prices start at $899
Sport Watch G-Shock GA110BC $130
2 Tickets to a Giants Game to take a friend
Hats are always good for the bald dad
(OK, so he didn’t actually pick this hat, but I thought it was pretty funny.)
J Fold Wallet $59.50
Ray-Ban Pilot Polarized Aviator Sunglasses $200
ful. Brooklyn laptop backpack $99.99
Apple download card
Nick has two adorable little ones and just revamped his backyard and added a brand new BBQ.  He only has one thing on his list this year.
Williams-Sonoma Folding BBQ set $34.96
Hector has two kiddos and said, “My favorite recent gift was a straight razor.  I had always wanted one but was nervous.  Shaving with a straight razor is now a fun ritual that makes me feel like a ‘Big Boy’!”.
Black 5/8″ Blade Straight Razor $150
Special thanks to all the dads that added to our gift ideas.  I truly appreciate you giving us some insight into what dads really want.  Special thanks to Damon for all the additional detailed info.  You rock!



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