Olive and Willow Giveaway Extended!!

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Kim of Olive and Willow Design is GIVING AWAY two of her fabulous, handmade bibs to one of my lucky readers!!! All you have to do is subscribe to Sew Sugar Sow and Mama Momtourage via email.  Then leave a comment below to let us know that you have subscribed to both blogs and would like to be entered to win the prize.  (If you commented on this original post, you’re still entered.The lucky winner will be announced next Friday, June 13th.  These make great baby shower or new mom gifts!  Thanks Kim!  You rock!

Tell me about Olive and Willow Design?  How did it come about?

I had actually set up and named my etsy shop a few years back, however with babies, life etc., had never put anything I was making online. The store’s name is two of my favorite girl names. Since, I believe even if I were to have another child it would be a boy, I decided the shop would carry the names I was never able to use. I love sewing and creating, and my boys can only have so many quilts, beanies, and bibs; so Olive and Willow Design gives me another purpose for my creations.

What is your favorite thing about creating some seriously cute baby gear?

Etsy Shop Items

My favorite is when I go to a baby shower and the recipient is so excited that the baby gift is beautiful and handmade with love. I enjoy seeing my vision come to fruition of what I think an item can be.  Shop Olive and Willow Design.

The paci clip is genius!  How did you conceive the idea?

Until my fourth baby came, I never had a need for a pacifier because the other boys never took them. Stewart enjoys a pacifier and needs a bib since, at 5 months, he already has 2 teeth. I was already making him bibs and decided it would be a good idea if the pacifier were attached so that I wasn’t always losing pacifiers or finding them on the floor. This way if he spits it out, it’s not lost and it’s still clean.

The lucky winner will be announced next Friday, June 13th.  Enter now!!





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