Dreamy Outdoor Living Spaces

collageLess than two yeas ago, our little family bought our current house.  It’s a great house in a neighborhood we love on a fabulously quiet street.  There were so many things going for this house, it was too good to pass up.  But, the truth is, it’s not my dream house.  My husband will tell you that even when the day comes where we blissfully move into our dream house, I’ll probably want to change a thing or two and that will lead to me having yet another dream home.  The whole “Give a Moose a Muffin” disease is just my flaw.  My poor hubby has dealt with it for a long time.  Love him.  There are areas of the design of the house that confuse me and parts of this house I love, all in all, it’s perfect for us right now.  I mean the secret to being happy is turning what you have into enough, right?  In that same vein, I choose to look at the areas that could use improvement and improve them with design and DIY love.

One area I’m laser-focused on right now is our backyard.  It’s a relatively small yard at first glance, but not really.  It wraps around and there’s plenty of space in the side yard.  Over there we have my vegetable garden and a kids play area.  The other day I told my practical hubby I wanted to cut a hole in my kitchen wall to create a door to that area, but he thinks it might be impossible due to structural issues.  He’s probably right….

The area that’s really getting an overhaul is my outdoor seating and entertaining areas.  I have a little conversation set-up and a dining area.  They’ve been getting nicely spruced up, but there’s something off about that area…..I’m trying to put my finger on it.  So, where do I go?  Pinterest, of course!  Here are a few of my top pins that inspire me to keep trying to create the perfect oasis out of what I have now.  You can follow my Outdoor Spaces board here, and find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!


Via Where the Sidewalk Begins

 Love the carpet, colors, textures, and the cover.  Plus, those windows….my Grandparent’s house had those.  Absolutely love them.


Source: Elizabeth Newman Interior Design

The colors are so tranquil and mellow.  Seating area and dining area all together is great for large groups.  Those French-style caned chairs are fabulous!


Our Patio Cabana from Centsational Girl

Love, love, love Centsational Girl.  She’s from my neck of the woods – NorCal!  Anyway, you need to read her blog.  She’s all about the DIY.  She has fabulous style and does excellent tutorials.  I’ve made a few projects from her blog and they have all come out beautifully due to her succinct, step-by-step instructions.  She tells you exactly where she got what, how much it costs, and how she did it.  Check her out!!  Anyway, this is such an adorable set-up.  Love the white washed trunk and the wine barrel planters flipped outer and re-purposed as side tables.  Genius!


Via Decor Pad

Covered patio, curtains, beautiful concrete work, dining and living space, neutrals with blue, and a Moroccan star…All it needs is a ceiling fan and a fire place.  They read my mind, this is beautiful!


 Via Pretty Space Tumblr

This is the real reason I would love a covered porch.  A swinging couch.  Love it.


A Potting Bench And A Summer List from Our Fifth House

The main piece of furniture I’m dying to find is a potting bench.  But not any potting bench.  I would love to be able to recreate the look above with my own flair.  I would love to have a big, old, weathered work bench with doors, so that I can lock up fertilizer and other garden items I don’t want the kiddos to get into.  (If you know where I can find one…holla!  I’ve been looking with no luck.)  I would paint it a fun color and add a shelf the same way she did here.  I would love this potting bench to be able to double as a bar or a buffet when I’m entertaining.


The Sunday Showcase Party via By Stephanie Lynn

This would be a dream come true!


Wedding Drink Station in Four Easy Steps via Emmaline Bride

I’ve been thinking I needed an old wheelbarrow for a while now, so cute for drinks.  I was at my girlfriend Megan’s house for a BBQ a few weeks ago.  She has the perfect set-up for outdoor entertaining!  Love her style.  Anyway, she had the drinks on ice in a wheelbarrow.  So adorable and so genius.  Wish I had taken a pic!  Love it Megs!  Anyone have an old weathered one they want to part with?

If you need more inspo you can follow my Outdoor Spaces board here, and find all my boards and pins here.

Stay cool ladies!




2 thoughts on “Dreamy Outdoor Living Spaces

  1. Thanks for the shout out Love bug! I’m sure I saw it on Pinterest somewhere, lol. Also, that window that opens from the kitchen with seating on the opposite side is totally on my wish list too. Such cute stuff! XOXO


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