Meet Kim – and a Giveaway!!!

It’s Friday!!!  I have a mama for you to meet that is multi-talented.  Not only is she a beautiful mom to FOUR boys, but she can sew and bake!  Two things I am not good at and wish I was.  I totally admire this mama.  She’s soft spoken but has big talents and bigger ideas.  You can stop by her Etsy Shop Olive & Willow to shop some adorable hand-made blankets, bibs, and hats for the little ones.  And follow her blog Sew Sugar Sow, to learn a thing or two about baking, gardening, and creating one of a kind items.  How on earth does she find the time to balance it all?  Read on to find out.

Meet Kim…

If you’ve ever seen a black Honda minivan around town with a sticker on the back, which reads, “Where the wild things ride”, we’ve kind of met.

I’m Kim Pratt, I live in El Dorado Hills, and I have four little boys. Jason (my husband) and I met 9 years ago after college when we were both working at a newspaper in Utah.

K&J W (1)

We dated for 2 years and then were married for time and eternity in the Sacramento Temple. Yes, “Eternity”, we are in it for the long run.


We just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary; and as we reflected on our life together thus far, our blessings are numerous. Namely, our four children: Emmitt (5), Turner (4), Miles (2), and Stewart (5 months). We also have an English Bulldog named Sumo, the boys love him, I’m counting his days.

I’m kind of a jack-of-all-trade’s. If YouTube has a video, any project is achievable. My favorite saying is, “I learned it on YouTube”.

We live in El Dorado Hills, however it’s the rural side that few know about. We have nearly seven acres, a creek, a barn, and a list of projects that never end. We have been renovating our home since we moved in 5 years ago and it’s halfway complete. My vision keeps expanding!

I love the gym and try to be there nearly every day. I have a large vegetable garden and enjoy anything where I am using my hands, being creative, and feeling alive.

Currently Coveting:


Tom Ford Whitney Oversized Acetate Sunglasses $395

I have been coveting some Tom Ford aviator sunglasses for a while.  I always cheap out and get less expensive versions but one day I will bite the bullet, buy them and, shortly thereafter, lose them. That’s my luck.

I really love…

Family Collage Photo

That my husband takes care of the boys for me every morning so I can sleep until 7am. He makes them all breakfast and gets them dressed. It makes my whole day so much nicer.

Guilty Pleasure…


LuluLemon Water Bound Crop $88

About eight years ago I purchased my first pair of LuluLemon workout pants and I have been an addict ever since. I have an area in my closet of 6 drawers and its all “lulu”. I justify the prices since I still have and wear (when I lose some baby weight) my original pair of pants, and I workout 5-6 days per week so it makes sense, right?

Fave beauty item:

chem peel collage

25% TCA Chemical Peel $29.9950% Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel $20.9985% Lactic Acid Chemical Peel $21.99

Since, I have four boys its difficult to make facial appointments and get a sitter. So about three years ago, with the help of YouTube, I decided I could give myself acid peels. I buy 25% TCA, 50% Glycolic, and 85% Lactic Acid chemical peels online through I always do a few TCA peels at the end of summer (to get rid of sun damage and freckles), and then during the rest of the year I alternate every 2 weeks between, glycolic and lactic.

Recent mommy moment…


During one of my afternoon sewing sessions, I went to the kitchen to get a drink and I noticed my 2 year old (who at the time I thought was watching Frozen), lying in the pantry, with his blanket and a plate filled with dog food, just chowing down. Instead of stopping him, I grabbed my camera because it was such a choice moment.

Bonus Questions…

olive and willow banner2-03

Tell me about Olive and Willow Design?  How did it come about?

I had actually set up and named my etsy shop a few years back, however with babies, life etc., had never put anything I was making online. The store’s name is two of my favorite girl names. Since, I believe even if I were to have another child it would be a boy, I decided the shop would carry the names I was never able to use. I love sewing and creating, and my boys can only have so many quilts, beanies, and bibs; so Olive and Willow Design gives me another purpose for my creations.

What is your favorite thing about creating some seriously cute baby gear?

Etsy Shop Items

My favorite is when I go to a baby shower and the recipient is so excited that the baby gift is beautiful and handmade with love. I enjoy seeing my vision come to fruition of what I think an item can be.  Shop Olive and Willow Design.

The paci clip is genius!  How did you conceive the idea?

Until my fourth baby came, I never had a need for a pacifier because the other boys never took them. Stewart enjoys a pacifier and needs a bib since, at 5 months, he already has 2 teeth. I was already making him bibs and decided it would be a good idea if the pacifier were attached so that I wasn’t always losing pacifiers or finding them on the floor. This way if he spits it out, it’s not lost and it’s still clean.


Sew Sugar Sow is such a cute and interesting name!  How did you land on that name for your blog?

I wanted a site that I could add to occasionally or frequently depending on my life.  And I wanted it to feature three things I do on a daily or weekly basis: SEW, I sew almost every day, SUGAR, I love to cook and bake and I get asked for recipes regularly so I thought it was a good place to store them, and then SOW, I love growing vegetables. I’m not always the best at gardening, things don’t germinate, they die, or I didn’t pick them in time. Nevertheless, every year I grow vegetables and learn new things through the experience.

What made you want to start blogging?

Like most bloggers, I wanted a way to chronicle my life, like journaling. For years I thought about blogging but was afraid I would start it and then become disinterested in the mundane aspects of blogging. I finally decided that, even if in the end blogging wasn’t my thing, I should try and see what opportunities sharing my life afforded.  Check out Sew Sugar Sow.

Wow!  I need more info and a lesson on the at-home chemical peels.  I cannot believe how affordable those bottles are.  Also, LOVE that your hubby takes the morning shift.  That’s really sweet.
But that’s not all…
This talented and generous mama is GIVING AWAY two of her fabulous, handmade bibs to one of my lucky readers!!! All you have to do is subscribe to Sew Sugar Sow and Mama Momtourage via email.  Then leave a comment below to let us know that you have subscribed to both blogs and would like to be entered to win the prize.  The lucky winner will be announced next Friday, June 6th. Please enter by Next Wednesday, June 4th.  These make great baby shower or new mom gifts!  Thanks Kim!  You rock!
Have a fabulous weekend!



5 thoughts on “Meet Kim – and a Giveaway!!!

  1. I love my sister, Kim! She certainly is someone who must be given extra hours in the day more than the rest of us! I have no clue how she creates and accomplishes so much with so many little ones needing her attention – but she does it and does it well. I always know a gift from her has her whole heart in it! Be it a handmade card to a delicately crafted homemade quilt- it’s all done to perfection and uniqueness. Love you!

  2. Kim is definitely a dynamic woman who I am enjoying getting to know more every day. May I add that she is also the strongest woman alive. No, really. She could bench press me…and you. Whoever you are. Lol

  3. I loved reading about Kim! She is an inspiration of creativity, hard work, and style. I happen to be her friend and she truly is as remarkable as she sounds. I wish I could do half of what she does. She inspires me continually!


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