Mossy Wreath Tutorial

Mossy Wreath

I hope everyone had a relaxing and festive Memorial Day weekend!  I have a serious wreath obsession.  I feel like a from door is not complete without one.  Last week I made this adorable and easy mossy wreath and today I’m sharing the tutorial with you.


Supply list:

  • Wreath form – I used a round metal one that’s 16″.  You can use any shape (square would be cute!) and whatever size suits your door.  This mold is flat because I waned a slim profile, but it would be great is a more 3D mold too.  Mine is from Joann’s and was on sale. ($3)
  • Moss on a roll – You could also use the ribbon kind, but I knew I was going to use the left over moss for another project, so the roll worked better.  But it was kinda pricey around $16, so use the 40% off one item coupon on this item. ($8)
  • Decorative wooden pieces – I chose these, but I was torn between these and our family initial. ($1 each, $3 total)
  • Spray paint – LOVE yellow and I already had this color.  Plus a box to paint them in.
  • Decorative ribbon to hang on your door. (Already had)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


The wood pieces I bought were already sanded and ready to paint, so I threw them in the box and painted them.  They only needed two coats, but that sun was tricky.  I had to paint its sides several times.

To find out why I’m using a box and more spray paint tips, check out this post.


While the paint was drying, I got to work putting the moss on the mold.  I recommend doing this outside.  That moss is messy!



Using my kitchen shears, I cut off a two inch piece from the top of the roll.


The fact that the cut was not completely clean and straight works in our favor.  A straight edge wouldn’t blend as easily for the final product.


Starting on an end, put a hearty amount of glue from your glue gun on the backside of the moss.


Fold that end over the mold and press to secure.


See the mess!  I also got served a delicious treat from the kiddos while I was working on the wreath..


Keep wrapping the long end around and around the mold.  Adding glue here and there. I added glue about six more times. Too much glue is not fun. Plus, you’re wrapping pretty tight, so you shouldn’t need too much.  I had to cut off one more chunk of moss from my wreath during the process.


Once the moss is on, place your dried items where you like them.  When you are happy with your arrangement just glue them on.  My daughter told me this is the way they had to go because the sun is always over everything and because dragonflies are always flying higher than butterflies.  Made sense to me….


I chose this ribbon that I had left over from someone’s baby shower and used it to hang the wreath.


I like to hang my wreaths by placing a command hook upside down on the back of the door.


Then I loop ribbon through my wreath and through the hook to hang.  This means no holes in your door.  And you can barely see the hook from the inside because the back of my door is white and so is my hook.  I usually tie a cute bow on the inside to pretty it up a bit.


Here’s the finished product!  This project cost me about $11.  Cheap and cheerful.



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