Meet Jessica

Hey mamas,

Today I have a hardworking mom for you to meet!  Jessica is a beautiful mama to her adorable son.  When she’s not taking care of her little man or spending time with her handsome hubby, she’s hard at work in the mortgage biz.  She’s a knockout with a serious sense of humor who knows how to have a good time.  I went to high school with Jessica’s husband.  He is my dear friend, Megan’s, brother.  He and Jessica are a perfect match!  They are always making each other laugh.  Love that!

Meet Jessica…

Robinson Family Portraits (72 of 104)

Hello to all those out there in blog land! I’m Jessica Robinson, a thirty-something (yes, that means over 35) mother of one cuckoo two year-old boy who spends her mornings being tortured at the gym, days working relentlessly as a mortgage lender, and evenings playing trains. I married a friend, like a real friend, not the kind of “friend” everyone says they marry.
We just celebrated our fourth anniversary in Vegas by taking our first “adult trip” there. It was a really good time to spend together and even more fun to laugh at the pain that all of the hungover people in the airport were feeling that we, for once, were not.
Every evening around 8:00pm the trains roll into the station, I say my good nights and put the little conductor to bed. What ever should I do with my hour of time to myself? Have a glass of wine and watch women behaving badly on TV. Yes, that’s exactly what I’ll do….right after I type this.

Currently Coveting:


Women who have professional photos after birth who look like they just won a pageant. I’m referring to Olivia Wilde. She may have been acting, but who cares. I looked like a whale who ran a marathon while having an allergic reaction with a touch of poison oak. (Think really red and puffy).

I really love…

Sunday mornings with good coffee a little jog with the dog followed by my waking little boy.

Guilty Pleasure…

Ah, so many. I’m sure wine is an over-used answer but I don’t care. I love wine!
Laura Mercier exfoliant. It’s like getting a new face for under $40.

Recent mommy moment…


I was cleaning the goldfish cracker dust out of the bottom of my purse Tuesday morning and as a result was late to a meeting.
Who doesn’t love wine, a smooth face, and easy going Sunday mornings.  Thanks so much for letting us peek into your life.  You have sue cute boys in your life!  What a beautiful family you have!

Have a fabulous weekend!

One thought on “Meet Jessica

  1. I’m late to the party, cause I’m just catching up on e-mails, but I LOVE this family! And I am lucky enough to call them family, love you guys.


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