My 2nd “fix”

Hey mamas,

Did you read my first review about Stitch FixIf not, you can read about my first experience here.  This San Francisco based company is an online personal styling service for women.  It only costs $20 to set-up your “fix” and you can choose the average price per item.  You keep what you like and send back the rest within three days.  If you keep everything, you get 25% off and your $20 styling fee get’s applied to anything you buy from that “fix”.

The super stylish people at Stitch Fix say your “fix” will continually get better with each package, so I decided to give it a few months.  This box was filled with more of the items I was looking for.  I really liked a lot of what was in the last package, but I realized that I had filled out their initial survey with answers that described everything that was already in my closet.  When I checked out last time I updated my info to expand my wardrobe to things I like, but are a little different than what I already have.

Earlier in the month I received my second “fix”.  It actually came when I was in Disneyland.  Since I knew I had only 3 days to make my decisions and I had no idea which day it actually arrived, I emailed them to ask for some help.  They got right back to me and told me exactly what date the package needed to be dropped back in the mail.  Excellent service!

Here are the contents of my 2nd “fix” modeled by Manny.


Eight Sixty “Ginsberg Metal Bib Striped Tank” $68

DSC_1704I kept this adorable tank.  It’s pretty fitted and I love the fab metal bib embellishment.  It is so similar to the Pegasus necklace from Stella & Dot that I have loved.  The classic stripes are totally up my alley!  The thing that is different from what I have in my closet is that it’s fitted.  Most of the tops I have are flowy.
stitch fix 1

Sold Design Lab “Mylee Tulip Hem Skinny Jean” $128

These dark wash skinny jeans fit like a dream.  I loved the color and I loved the tulip hem opening.  It shows a little flash of ankle bone.  They were so soft!  It took everything I had not to keep them.  The reason I didn’t keep them is because I have a few pairs of dark skinnies already that I totally love.  I’m in the market for white skinnies or white capris.  Had these pants been about $50 cheaper, I could have justified it.  I still kinda wish I kept them…Seriously, they were pretty fab.

Renee C “Loren Striped French Terry Pencil Skirt” $44 

This skirt, OH my!  Navy stripes.  That’s the fashion love of my life.  In a soft french terry….So cute.  But it’s just not something I would wear in my life.  I mean, I’m a SAHM.  Where will I wear a pencil skirt?  Also, this tight little number did not have a zipper, so it was pretty tough to get on.  I actually had to struggle just to get it on Manny!  When I did get it on, it fit perfectly and was actually flattering.

Miilla “Nikkita Sheer Eyelet Back Hi-Lo Tank” $48

This top is a fabulous color and the back is really pretty.  However, it’s flowy…like almost every other top in my closet.  So I passed.

Wimberly “Kassia Enamel Chain Bracelet” $58

This bracelet is really pretty.  I like that it’s a pop of color.  But it’s very similar to something I already have.  In the style write-up they sent they mentioned that this is similar to one of my pins.  That’s pretty awesome that they checked out my Pinterest boards to get a better idea about what I might like.

Same as before, I really love this service.  I love that the shipments are getting more and more tailored to what I like because of the surveys I’m filling out when I check out.  It’s pretty cool to have someone pick out some awesome pieces for you.  I totally get myself into fashion ruts all the time.  This has helped me step out my box in color and fit.

Bottom line: I totally recommend this service.  It’s affordable, convenient, and fun.  And if you don’t like anything, you’re only out $20.  That’s not too bad, right?  Get your “fix” now!



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