Gilded Dino Planter Tutorial

Gilded Dino

Hey mamas,

For this tutorial Tuesday, I will show you exactly how to turned a toy dino into this gilded planter perfect for a succulent.  When my family and I were shopping at the Folsom Antique Fair a few weeks ago, I saw my inspiration for this at the adorable Folsom shop Not Too Shabby.  The kids were with me and they loved it!


729 Sutter St. Folsom, CA 95630 (916) 985-8979

I spoke with Bobbi, at Not Too Shabby, and she told me that they were soooooooo easy to make.  She gave me the run down and she was right.  Super easy!

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Supplies list:

  • Toy dino (ours is very old.  I bought it from Target in the dollar bins)
  • Succulent of choice and dirt
  • Drill
  • X-acto knife
  • Metallic gold spray paint
  • Assorted moss


Start by drilling a circle of holes in the back of your dino exactly where you want your hole for the plant to go.


When your brother can’t exactly finish the job; take over.


This is what it should look like when you’re about halfway there.  Continue to drill the circle of holes (or use a hole saw drill bit).  Then use the x-acto knife to connect the dots and remove the hole.



  • Use a box

I do a fair amount of spray painting.  Using a box will eliminate mess and stop flying particles from attaching to the wet paint while it’s drying.  This works best with smaller objects, but I have been able to hunt down some large boxes for larger items.  For example, I put the dino in the box, gave it one light coat and closed the box.


  • Several light coats

Spray paint dries super fast.  Even faster when you use light coats.  If you spray too close or too much you can get glopping and running paint.  Just a light sweeping motion about 7-8 inches from the object is best.

  • Read the instructions

Some brands have rules about how long you need to wait in between coats.  This isn’t that big of a deal with small projects like this, but with a chair or something it really matters.  Also, all cans will tell you to shake, shake, shake it!  It’s actually really important.  So shake it, shake it real good!


Here he is, painted and dried.

DSC_1814 Start putting some dirt in the hole.  I did this over a mat because it’s pretty messy.  I poured some in and used my fingers to get it into the bottom.


Next, make a hole in the dirt and put your succulent in.


Then I added some moss around the base of the succulent and he’s done!

DSC_1821I decided to cage this beast for now.

Wasn’t that easy?  Thanks so much to Not Too Shabby for the idea!

Have a great day!





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