Just write

Just write


I’ve always been the kind of person who likes to write.  Growing up I would write “songs”.  In my mind, they were moving ballads and love songs that were meant to be heard.  I had delusions of Whitney Houston singing them.  In reality, they were actually quite terrible.  I can remember riding my bike to or from school and coming up with some really “amazing” lyrics.  I would go home and write them down in my journal.  Not my diary, that was under lock and key because that kept all my secrets and my inner most feelings.  I wrote in that a lot too, I still have them.  In high school, we did five years of english classes in four years.  Then I went to a liberal arts college.  We had to do a ton of writing there as well.  I started to like it a little less while there because there was just so much of it.  Often, I would have to do a paper about something I didn’t really find that interesting.  But I would still pour my heart out on a page in the form of a letter to a family member or a friend.  I still keep a journal.

In good times and in bad writing has been a constant for me.  Although it seems I write more when I’m upset, sad, or confused.  It’s free therapy.  In elementary school we had to do a writing exercise where you “just write”.  The teacher would give us a topic would say that it doesn’t need to make sense or have any particular flow.  We were to write a page about whatever topic she gave us.  I always liked this exercise.  It’s like a brain dump.

That’s my challenge for you today.  I want you to sit at a computer or with a piece of paper and a pen and JUST WRITE.  The topic?  You.  Your thoughts and feelings.  There are no rules, except that you can’t write your grocery list.

Have you checked in with yourself lately?  How are you?  It’s time to find out.

Have a great day!




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