Meet Meaghan

Hey mamas!
Our lovely mama of the day is Meaghan.  I was lucky enough to meet this fabulous lady when our daughters were in preschool together.  She was pregnant with her son and I had just had mine.
lyla and Tay
While our girls were in preschool together they became good friends.  We bonded over having a daughter in preschool with a new son at home, how to lose the baby weight, and how to have a good time!  Over the years, we learned that we have so much in common!  Since we first met, I’m pretty sure we’ve gone out to dinner about every month.  She typically a fixture at MNOs if she is available.  It’s always so fun!  She has a crazy story or two about her kiddos.  Now our girls are on swim team together, I’m really looking forward to a fun summer!
She used to be a full-time working mom.  I always admired how she was able to balance it all.  She would drop her daughter off at preschool as often as she could.  Some days she would even be able to pick her up, that’s a hard thing for most working moms because preschool gets out in the middle of the day.  It just showed her dedication to her kids.  I know it was difficult for her to leave her career.  As a SAHM, she has taken that dedication to “doing it all” and really focuses all those efforts into her kids.  Most days she’s running from one of her kid’s activities to the next.
Meaghan is a very fun, loving, dedicated, generous, and smart mama and friend.  She’s always down to have a good time!  I’m sure you’ll love her as much as I do!

cody and Meaghan

Meet Meaghan…

meg and cody

Hello Mamas,

My name is Meaghan Stine. I live in the wonderful town of El Dorado Hills with my hubby, Cody, our little princess Taylor (6 years old), our little man Brenner (2 years old), and our crazy dog Tucker.


Cody and I met in college at Sacramento State back in 1998. We both were in the Greek system, he was a Sigma Chi and I was an AXO.   My sorority was hosting a formal and I was going to stay in that night because I was going through heartbreak. Cody came to my house all dressed up with a bottle of tequila and told me that he was taking me to the formal. I did not want to go at all, but he would not let up. So I sucked it up and I’m so glad I did. He had me at the bottle of Tequila. From that night on we could not stay away from each other.


July 1, 2006, we finally tied the knot at Edgewood Tahoe. Our wedding was the most AMAZING day full of love shared with lots of family and friends.


In June 2008, we welcomed our bundle of joy, Taylor Marisa. She has brought so much love and laughter into our lives.

brenner 2

In October 2011, we did it again and welcomed our little man Brenner Douglas. He has brought even more love and laughter into our home along with anxiety (he is one crazy boy!!).


My favorite thing is to hear my children laughing and playing together. I hate when I hear silence because it usually means they are getting into trouble.

Currently Coveting:


Being better organized with my time. I am fairly new at being a SAHM and really struggled at the beginning. What I have learned about my children: they need a structured schedule otherwise we are in full blown meltdown tantrums. We are a busy family with gymnastics, soccer, swim team, T-Ball, tumbling, etc. All this accompanied with school, naps and meals makes some hectic days. So, thanks to Amanda, I got the COZI app. which has organized my life completely! I have all my shopping and To-Do lists on it. COZI also emails my hubby when I set him in charge of a ‘duty’. The app has simplified my life completely because it keeps me organized!!

I really love…


Buy here $299.99

My Nespresso. I am that girl that needs her caffeine fix in the morning and coffee just doesn’t do it for me all the time. I used to make two trips a day to Starbucks for my non-fat latte extra shot until I got the Nespresso. It’s quick and easy with NO mess. I love it!!


Buy here $289.99

I also really Love my Breville Juice press.  We make fresh OJ every morning and Taylor loves to make her lemonade.  It’s also nice for a refreshing cocktail, GreyhoundsJ

Guilty Pleasure…


Salty Carmel yogurt from Pinkberry.  OMG it is incredible goodness in my mouth!!!  Salty and sugary…ahhh I love it!!!

Fave beauty items:

All of Obagi’s products.  The results are amazing.  Back in the day I was queen of the tanning bed, I worked at a salon.  Being Irish and tanning do not mix well… I have completely damaged my skin.



Obagi Nu Derm System $389

The Obagi system helps reduce those sun spots and evens out the skin tone.


Obagi Professional-C Serum $112

I REALLY love the Professional – C Serum from Obagi. Liquid gold to my face!


Obagi Sun Shield $45

And I can never forget the Sunscreen- the most valuable part!

Recent mommy moment…


I could actually write a book on these moments. As I said before, my son is CRAZY and is always getting into trouble.  Well my most recent “moment” happened a few days ago.  We are potty training… and my son LOVES to aim the stream wherever he can.  The toilet is great, but, to him, peeing outside is so much more fun.  Soooo we go to the park to meet up with a few of my daughters friends.  Brenner is at the top of the structure about to go down the slide. I look away for 1 second and I hear one of the moms gasp, “Oh My God!”.  I look up to see that Brenner has dropped his drawers and is peeing off the structure right onto a little girls head.  I was MORTIFIED!!! Taylor will not go to the park with him again.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share a slice of your life with us!  That coffee machine looks pretty impressive!    That son of yours is lucky he’s so darn cute!  But I gotta tell ya, I really like his style!  Thanks for the laughs Meaghan!

Have a great day ladies!




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