You are super mom!


Hey mamas,

I hope you all had a truly fabulous Mother’s Day!  You deserve it!  Mother’s Day may only be one day dedicated to appreciating moms for all they do and have done, but make sure to keep the feeling going with all the special people in your life.  Being a mom is a 24/7 job.

After reading a sweet card from my daughter I was able to see myself through her eyes for a moment.  It really made me shift my focus and allowed me see how much she actually listens to me.  I will never feel like I am a super mom.  I will almost always question my decisions as a mom and worry about how everything will affect my children in the long term.  It’s moments like those that makes being a mom the best thing in the world because she thinks I am the best thing in the world.

This was a card they helped her make at school.  She drew a picture of us on the front and then she was asked some questions about me inside the card with the help of an adult.


I love that she put me in a yellow shirt.  Yellow really works for my skin tone.  I also appreciate the thick, long, and big super blonde hair.  It’s basically the hair of my dreams.  I love that she gave us enviably long matching eyelashes.  Also, check out our tans!  I’m also impressed that she gave me strappy high heels that totally match my outfit.  I mean…nailed it!

Some highlights from the card:

My mom is           14                 years old.  (She’s asked me my age several times.  My answer is always…”How old do you think I am?”.  It may be time to start answering the question.)

My mom’s favorite food is       sushi        .  (Yes!  But the funny thing about this answer is that I’m the only one in my family that likes it.  So we never go out to eat it.  She really is listening to me!)

My mom likes to wear          anything that works in weather           . (Great, she realizes that I am a sensible woman.  And she didn’t say sweatpants.)

My mom’s job is        working out         .  (Well, that’s not true.  I hope no one thinks I have a problem…..)

My mom loves to eat         salad           . (OK, the adult that made this with her may think I have a problem.)

My mom always tells me            to wake up when my alarm goes off       .  (Really?  Of all the things I tell her, that’s the one she uses?  The problem is that she sometimes thinks it’s time to wake up at 6 or 6:30 and has decided that her alarm must be broken.)

I’m happy when mom         hugs me       . (Aw, so sweet.  Me too Lou, me too.)

I love my mommy because            she takes care of me all the time          .

I joke about this card, but it really made me feel special.  There were 15 questions in total, and each answer proved to me how much she listens to me.  And it tells me to look at myself through her eyes whenever I doubt myself.  I just love that little girl.



2 thoughts on “You are super mom!

  1. That’s super sweet. I asked Caleb what I was the best at and he said “bring my bike up the driveway”. Lol. I clearly have work to do….Glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Xo


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