Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

UnknownHey mamas!

This Sunday is the day dedicated to celebrating moms.  I have always loved this day!  My mom is, and has always been, a real inspiration to me.  She has the patience of a saint and more hearts than a worm.  (My daughter just informed me they have 5 hearts.)  She truly is an amazing mom and human being.  I’ve witnessed her putting everyone else in front of her own needs for all the 25 years I’ve been alive (wink wink).  Having a day to celebrate her has always been something I’ve cherished.  She has 7 grandchildren now.  However, three of those grandchildren have been (one still is) raised by her.  Yep, my mom, and awesome dad, are raising their 6th child.  My kids call my mom Gigi and she always lights up any room she enters.  She’s the best.

When I married my handsome husband, I was lucky enough to have another amazing mom in my life.  My mother-in-law is a great mom and a wonderful Mimi to my children.  My husband has so many fond childhood memories because of her.  She is his most trusted advisor, he knows she’s the one that will give him her best advice that weighs her life experience and his life journey all while putting his best interest first.  She’s kind and generous and always makes us feel special.  We are all so much better because we have her in our lives.

These women are often called for when my kids feel like they are getting ill treatment from me or my hubby.  I guess that’s the mark of a truly wonderful grandparent.  Because I’m lucky enough to have these two ladies in my life and so (geographically) close to me, I get to attend two Mother’s Day celebrations each year.

Today, I’ve compiled a great list of Mother’s Day pins to inspire.  These pins paint the picture of the lazy, gluttonous, boozy, and dreamy Mother’s Day brunch of my day-dreams.  Right now eating sweet, bready casseroles while drinking 4 (+) champagne cocktails at 9am while surrounded by an expertly styled magical garden complete with a perfect 76 degrees with a slight breeze and Jack Johnson pandora station softly playing my fave mellow jams in the background while perfectly dressed and behaved small children wait on me hand and foot just isn’t going to happen…maybe next year…if we’re being honest maybe never.  (Longest run-on sentence ever.)  But a mama can dream!

You can follow my Mother’s Day board for more inspiration.  Or find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!

First, let’s set our dream table…


Beautiful ranunculus from Plan It

Ranunculus are my second favorite flower, peonies are first.  They are so beautiful, especially paired with these rustic pieces.


This centerpiece from Bunny Cakes

Hob nail milk glass + ranunculus and peonies = dreamy


So sad, I couldn’t find any link to give any credit or figure out exactly how to do this.  I love this concept.  It’s great for Mother’s Day or any celebration…just beautiful.


Pottery Barn tablescape from Dying of Cute Tumblr

Pottery Barn never fails to inspire me.  Love the garden feel and the soft colors.  Who wouldn’t want to have a delicious brunch here?


Dining al fresco: Blues and Whites from Love that

Stripes and peonies.  This is darling and inviting.

Now, let’s talk food!


Watermelon Cups with Feta and Mint from Everyday with Rachael Ray

Have you ever had watermelon with something savory?  I have, and it was amazing.  I had watermelon with sardines…may sound disgusting, but it was sooooooo delicious.  It seriously changed my outlook on watermelon.  Plus, I love mint with melon.


Farro Salad with Kale Pesto from Love & Lemons

I have only recently been introduced to farro.  Which is odd because it’s one of the oldest grains in the world.  It’s packed with fiber, is a complex carb (the good kind), and has more protein per serving than quinoa and brown rice.  Pair that with a healthy kale pesto and some peppery radishes….sounds perfect!


Blueberry Croissant Puff from The Girl Who Ate Everything

So, this is nutritionally the opposite of the farro salad.  This looks rich, buttery, sweet, and decadent!  Perfect for a mom on Mother’s Day.


Super bummed to not be able to find the source for this one.  A breakfast pizza with gooey eggs on top.  Yes please!


Baked French Toast Muffins from Two Peas & their Pod

Another sweet Brunch treat.  Love the way they portioned it out as cupcakes.  YUM!


Blueberry Slump from Saveur Magazine

Slump is just another name for cobbler or grunt.  It all depends are where you are from.  The New Englanders like to call it a slump.  Anyway, I know it’s dessert, but I would love to eat this anytime.  Blueberries are so delicious right now.  Top warm blueberries and slightly sweet biscuits with cold vanilla ice cream and you have perfection!

Now for the drinks…


My perfect brunch includes champagne, because…why not?!


Blackberry Thyme Sparkler from The Effortless Chic on M Gram

Beautiful and tasty!  You make a blackberry simple syrup and add the lemony thyme.  So elegant!


Strawberry Basil Sangria from Living Well, Spending Less

Sounds refreshing and delicious.  Apparently I’m a fan of fruit and herbs…


Rosemary Pear Bellini from Whole Food Market

More herbs and fruit…LOL.  This looks elegant and is no muss no fuss.  Just add pear nectar and a rosemary sprig – boom!  Instantly elevated drink.


Popsicles in Champagne from Oh Hello Again

I remember when I first saw this pin….I was instantly in love.  Still have yet to actually try it.  It looks like the perfect drink for a warm day!

You can follow my Mother’s Day board for more inspiration.  Or find all my boards and pins here.  I hope you all have plans to be treated like queens this Sunday!  Cheers to you all!




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