Meet Lauren

Hey mamas!

Happy Friday!  Today I have a hard working mama for you to meet.  Her name is Lauren.  Although I’ve only actually met her in person a few times, I can tell you that she’s funny, smart, loves life, loves her hubby and her little man.  She also loves shoes, vino, and has a great sense of humor!  This pretty lady is sure to start your Friday right with some laughs and a few things to add to your shopping list.


Meet Lauren…


Hey Mama Dolls!

My name is Lauren Howard, although my nearest and dearest know me as Lo. I was born & raised, as well as currently reside, in the heart of Sacramento with that guy I’m lucky enough to call my husband, Jason, and my sweet baby dude, Easton. Jay and I have been together ten years (I know, I’m not old enough for this) and happily married for 4 years.


We had a variety of mutual friends over the years, although we had never met.

Once we did, we couldn’t kick the habit of each other!


We tied the knot at Edgewood Golf Resort in Lake Tahoe in 2010 and it was perfection.


We welcomed Easton to the planet just under 8 months ago and are loving life as his parents. Every day I think to myself, how did I get so lucky to be this guy’s Mom?

I’ve worked in the maniacal land of Residential Property Management for the past ten years…which is essentially babysitting grownups on the daily and loving every crazy minute of it.

A few of my favorite things in life include Saturday morning snuggle sessions with my two boys, vacation getaways, fancy lunch dates with my Mom, goblet consumption in my backyard and of course, quality time with my Lady friends. A few of my least favorite things include alarm clocks, flats, days without coffee and yellow foods. It’s a long story.

Currently Coveting:


Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 Black Patent Pumps $595

Ladies, trust me when I say I realize this is ridiculous and slightly pretentious.  But I’m DYING for a pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 black patent pumps. To say I have a shoe obsession is an understatement. I realize this is ridiculous because A: I’m a mom, where do I really go that I need to have a pair of $595 shoes, as my club kid days are happily over. B: I obviously could never wear them to work, which is usually my go to justification for purchases. But nonetheless-I WANT-desperately! (I wear a 7.5 if any of you are feeling particularly generous?!)

I really love…

wedges (2)

Vince Camuto Babe T-Strap Platform Wedges (Sold Out)

This wedge is my go-to! It matches everything and makes me exceptionally tall, which I firmly believe makes me look exceptionally thinner. It’s the little things in life.


Bob Sport Utility Jogging Stroller $312

I also love my Bob Sport Utility Jogging Stroller. Although, how a stroller is defined as “Sport Utility” is beyond me. If we’re being honest, it’s more of a love/ hate relationship I’ve got with this stroller. I love that my son enjoys having his toes in the breeze while out for a run, I love the feeling when I’m finished, I hate aforementioned run. One day I’ll learn to love it. Either way, this jogger makes it a lot easier to get it done.

Guilty Pleasure…


Trader Joe’s Peppermint Pretzel Slims

Trust me when I tell you these are not for the weak! These bad boys are ridiculously addictive, and a bag doesn’t last in my possession more than 4 minutes. If you’re trying to win me over, make me happy, bring me joy-look no further. One bag of these will go a long way. Please note- I do not share. Don’t even bother asking.

Fave beauty items:

I really tried to narrow this down to one thing, but I just can’t.


Images Skincare Ageless Total Facial Cleanser

I absolutely cannot live without Images Skincare Ageless Total Facial Cleanser. It burns in such a good way after a long day in your make up. You literally feel all the pores in your face coming clean.   I’m obsessed with this entire line of goodies and can honestly say my skin has never looked or acted better since I started using this line.

(FYI – This is a popular brand among this Momtourage!  This mama loves the Vitamin C Enzyme Masque)


L’Oreal Double Extend Mascara in Carbon Black $10.95

It’s life changing. It’s cheap. It makes your peepers really pop. Try it-be amazed. Never look back.

thickening spray

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray $28

My hairstylist/magic-hands-miracle worker Malerie got me hooked on this good stuff a couple years ago and my hair LOVES it. I cannot live without it. It gives my hair so much body, helps hold the style in place and smells delish. I’ve never had the type of hair that could go a day or two without a good scrubbing before this stuff came into my life.

Recent mommy moment…


My son Easton attends an awesome “school” in the Land Park area and I absolutely love all the girls that work there. They are so kind, so sweet and loving with all the kiddos, you can just tell they love kids and their job. So, every day this week this baby boy of mine has done his man business on the drive there. I always know when it happens because he thinks it’s the most hysterical thing in the world and he gets the baby giggles for the remainder of the drive. Each morning, I’ve opened his door to see his smiling face, so proud of himself, full of giggles and of course, smelling not so fresh. So, I got to be the mom that brought her kid into school with an exorbitantly full diaper, first thing in the morning. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. this week. They hate me. I know it.


Everyone always told me you don’t know what love is until you have a child. I never understood this until Easton was born and now I know everyone was absolutely right. This little dude makes every day lighter, brighter and so much happier. Seeing him reach new milestones and start to come into his own makes my heart bust a happy move.

Bonus Question…If you could have your sweet baby Easton all over again, what would keep on or add to your baby registry and what would you skip?


Babies R Us Wipes Warmer with Changing Light $26.99
In my whopping 8 months as a Mommy extraordinaire, I’ve come to the conclusion a wipes warmer is an excellent marketing ploy to pull on your heart strings to get you to spend more hard earned dollars.  This device is an absolute waste of money.  Sure, it offers deliciously warm wipes to clean booties with…when and if you remember to refill it.  And refilling it isn’t just simply refilling it.  You’ve got to take the pad out of it, rinse it clean, restock the wipes and wait for it to warm up again.  Which I found to be an impossible task when I had a screaming little guy on the changing table.  Not to mention, you can’t seen into or feel the contents to see if you’re on empty with wipes.  So, when you’ve got said screaming little guy on the table, recovering from a diaper disaster and you have NO wipes within arm’s length…you’ve got yourself in a pickle.  Plus, My sweet boy didn’t seem to have a preference on his wipes either way, as long as the job got done.
Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor $179.99
What I absolutely, cannot live without is my Motorola video monitor.  I’m a first time mom, which means I’m paranoid about everything.  From day one, my Easton has been a superb sleeper.  (So Lucky)  So, when I’d put him down for the night, I would give myself a panic attack approximately every thirty minutes-constantly checking to make sure he was alive and breathing.  I know-I’m crazy.  Our monitor saved me countless trips up and down the stairs to check on him and kept me from running down the hall in the middle of the night when I woke up wondering what he was doing.  I could easily check the screen to see if his little body was breathing/ moving while catching hisZZZ’s…GAME. CHANGER.  It’s pricey, but totally worth the peace of mind it brings.

Thank you for allowing me to share some tangible treasures that make me a happy girl!


Thanks so much for taking the time to share a slice of your life with us!  Those Loubs are some serious classics!  I say go for it!  And thanks for answering the bonus question.  I’m sure all the expecting and new moms out there appreciate the info!

Have a great day ladies!




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