Beat the Heat with Good Day Sacramento


Hey mamas,

It’s going to get hot in herre!  Well in Sacramento anyway… 91 today, 91 tomorrow, and 81 on Saturday.  But it’s going to feel like it’s 1000 degrees!  Don’t ya just hate it when the weather flip flops from cold to hot and back again?  Today I’m going to show you some great ways to “beat the heat”!  You know, I’m a fan of pools, slip n slides, and a good old fashioned sprint through the sprinklers.  But sometimes you want your kids to cool down AND occupy some time.  Those are the kinds of tips us mamas love!  Plus, I had the pleasure of having Julissa from Good Day Sacramento over to see all the fun in action.  Don’t forget to watch the video here.

Set-up a Cooling Oasis


We have this little play tent that we use waaaaay more that I ever thought I would.  It collapses down nicely and has three openings to allow for a delightful cross breeze.  I like to put some pillows, blankets, and books in there to make it cozy.  There’s also a telescope to spot a pirate – you never know when one might show up!  I also outfit it with a stroller fan to keep the breeze moving.


Right next to this tent I have the sunscreen station.  This helps me remember to keep applying.  There’s also my favorite bubbles.  They look and smell like ice cream and are from the Dollar Store.  Stock up!

Target Practice


What kiddo wouldn’t love to try to hit the bullseye with a water balloon?  Plus, it expels energy and is great for hand-eye coordination.  Just draw a target on the ground and let er’ rip!  We used this cool new sidewalk chalk paint by Crayola.  It’s neon and liquid, it worked really well!  It comes in a cool little tray with a roller.


I filled about 30 water balloons…



They didn’t last long with this crew of cuties!!!

Excavate Dinos


Freezing these dinos was pretty difficult because it required a lot of freezer space.  And it took about 3 days to freeze this size.  It was totally worth it!  You could do this any time of the year indoors in a tub.

DSC_1163I put some tools out to let the kids figure out which ones would be better than others.  I also gave them a thermos with warm water to try too.


The kids (both the girls and the boys) really enjoyed this!


Warning: the hammer may be dangerous for some ages, so make sure they know to be extra careful with it…or just leave it out.  Safety first!


These boys had such a fun time trying to get the dinos out, they didn’t want to leave!

Ice Tunnels


Science, art, and cooling fun all rolled into one activity.  For the paint, I added about a tablespoon of salt to each of the colors of liquid water colors.  You can buy liquid water colors, or just pop the water color circle out of it’s container and add to water.  I used different sizes of tupperware to create different shapes of ice.  Using a dropper (bought at PetSmart), have the kids drop the paint onto their chunk of ice.


Then see what happens….the mixture creates tunnels in the ice!  Make sure you take advantage of this teachable moment and tell your child that when salt touches the ice, it breaks up the crystal pattern that was made when the water was frozen and turned into ice.

DSC_1194Both salt and ice are made up of small things called molecules.  When salt touches ice, it takes some of the water molecules away and makes little holes in the ice that can lead to big holes or cracks.  This is why we use salt on snowy roads in winter.


FYI This takes a little bit of time before it actually starts to work.

Snow Station


I made this snow with just baking soda and water.  That’s it!  Can you believe it?  I used three large boxes of baking soda and added water, a little at a time, until it was moldable.  I popped into the freezer for about an hour and voila!



Summer snowball fight!  Just what Olaf would enjoy!

Cool Down and Fuel Up!


To have a cooling snack, I made skewers of grapes and blueberries and popped those in the freezer overnight.  I pulled them out and topped with a fresh strawberry.


I added frozen blueberries to each cup, filled with water, and added a fruit wand and a straw .  It all adds up to a cooling, hydrating, and fun beverage.  Make sure you have water readily available to hydrate your little ones on hot days!


Special thanks to Julissa from Good Day Sacramento for stopping by to spend some time with us.  And a very special thanks to this crew!  The kiddos and their mamas got up extra early today and did a great job!  Thanks guys!!!

Stay cool this weekend mamas!



7 thoughts on “Beat the Heat with Good Day Sacramento

  1. Hello! I’m throwing a Frozen party for my daughter on Sunday. I was wondering how exactly you made the snow.

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