Celebrate May Day

Hey mamas!

Thursday, tomorrow, is May 1st!  Can you believe it’s already May?  Seems like this year is just flying by.  Celebrating every day is very important to me, especially when there’s a reason for celebrating like May Day.  Because it is smashed between Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and Mothers Day, May Day is a centuries-old holiday that is sometimes forgotten.  The pageantry about May Day is just adorable, and the sentiment of celebrating the turning of Spring into Summer is a wonderful reminder to savor each day.  I also love any reason to reason to drop treats off at a neighbors house.

Today, I’ve compiled a great list of May Day pins to help inspire you to participate with your kiddos.  You can follow my May Day board for more inspiration.  Or find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!


“How to Make a May Pole” from Hipster’s Tea Party

I think my kids would love to make and dance around a May Pole, but that’s just not in the cards for me.  maybe one day I’ll have a May Day party…


“Washi Tape May Day Baskets” from Dukes and Duchesses

These are too cute!  It’s just a brown lunch bag all dolled up.  Simple and adorable!


“May Day Baskets” from Dukes and Duchesses

I feel like they always have these buckets in the “dolla dolla bins y’all” at Target.  Add some flowers and an adorable gift tag and you are good to go!


“Daffodil Banner” from 30 Minute Crafts

Who doesn’t love a banner?  These daffodils would be cute all Spring.


“Cheap + Chic May Day or Mother’s Day Baskets” from Yesterday on Tuesday

These May Day Baskets are made with items purchased from the Dollar Store.  Cheap and cheerful!


“May Day Flower Baskets” from Inspire, Design, & Create

Just looking at these makes me smile and they are planted in the buckets.  That’s clever!


“May Day Baskets Part 2” from The Vintage Umbrella

A perfect May Day craft for even the littlest ones.


“HAPPY May Day” from Patina White

Love the stamps and the taffy this blogger added.  So cute!


“DIY Flower Crown” from Daughters of Simone

I was JUST saying the other day that  wanted to teach Lyla how to make daisy chains!  And, surprise, I came across this tutorial for fabulous flower crowns.  I was surprised at how easy they are to make!  I still plan on teaching her how to make the regular flower chains, but these are adorable.  Love the bohemian vibe.

So….who will be the lucky recipient of your May Basket????

Have a great day!




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