Meet Jana

Hey mamas,
Today I want you to meet Jana.  She is an amazing, hard working mama of two adorable kiddos.  Jana and I went to high school together.  She was definitely one of the cool kids.  She was smart, pretty, and popular.  She was also an AMAZING soccer player.  I was on the team too, but she and Megan (another Five for Friday mama), totally dominated every game.  Especially when it came to our rivals, the Troubadours.  I mean, what is that anyway?
We reconnected a few years ago while our girls were in gymnastics together and our sons were still young enough to be worn.  In high school, we weren’t especially close, we were totally friendly, just not super close.  But when we ran into each other at this stage in our life, we totally clicked!  We have so much in common and she is such a sweet, kind, and generous person and a really great mom.  We both love talking about parties, home decor, recipes, our kids, and basically everything else under the sun.  She’s so easy to talk to, such a great listener, and always has the best advice.

Meet Jana

Hello Mamas,
My name is Jana Morris and I live in Land Park with my fabulous husband
George and two amazing children, Lana & Georgie.
George and I met while we were both working near Chico, CA.
I was a television news reporter and he was a fireman.
Very very long and unique story short, he rescued a goat and I did a news story on it.
Plus, he’s completely gorgeous and the smartest person I’ve ever met.
After that, we realized we were perfect for each other….the rest is history.
Fast forward almost 10 years and a few relocations later and we live in Sacramento (my hometown).
George is a Chief for CalFire and I left television and I am a Spokesperson for PG&E.
I have never been more happy and am so excited for my kids to grow up in my hometown.

I really love…



Working on our house!

We have a 1939 Spanish style house we purchased about a year ago and I can’t seem to get enough of the DIY.

Green Acres Nursery and Home Depot seem to be part of our family weekend outings these days.

Guilty Pleasure…


My guilty pleasure is antique shopping with Starbucks in hand.
You will always find me at the Sacramento Antique Faire the second Sunday of the month looking for decorating ideas or for the perfect vintage piece.

Fave beauty items:

I couldn’t pick just one beauty item so I picked four.
I am such a multi task-er so I can start a load of wash, take a work call, or finish an email all while removing my mascara. I hate sleeping with makeup on so using these wipes before a good face wash is a must for my nightly routine.
I use Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil after I’ve washed my face…

Benefit Cosmetics Total Moisture Facial Cream $42

…followed by Benefit’s Total Moisture Facial Cream. The combo keeps my face moisturized, smooth and any inflammation down.
Finally I LOVE the smell of Bvlgari au the vert lotion (Green Tea).  It is so fresh smelling and lasts the entire day.

Recent mommy moment…

My mom moment happens every weekend, on Saturdays and Sundays when the kids come into our room to wake us up.  Georgie says, “The sun came up and the moon went down, its morning.”.  Followed by Lana saying, “Wakey wakey shine so bright.”.  Their little voices and pure happiness makes for a perfect morning each day!
That’s enough about me, thanks for letting me be a part of your day!
Thank you so much for sharing a slice of your life with us!  I love those make-up removing wipes, it makes me feel like my face actually gets clean.  And we all know I love vintage shopping too.  What a beautiful family you have!  If you want to read more Five for Friday posts you can see them all here.
Have a fabulous weekend!


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