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Dland craft collage

Hey mamas,

The secret is out!  We’ll be in the “Happiest Place on Earth” in just over a week!  Things are getting very fun over here!  There are several things you can do to help your kids get ready for Disneyland other than watching the Disney movies (they MUST get familiar with all the characters!) and reading the Disney books and scouring the Disney webbie to check out all the rides.

Today’s That’s Pinteresting Post focuses on Disney themed activities and a few Disneyland specific pins.  Even if you’re not planning a trip to Disneyland, I’m sure you’ll find a fun themed Disney activity in this post.

You can follow my Disneyland board for more inspiration.  Or find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!


Pixie Hollow Keepsake Jar

This is pretty cute!!!  Obvi you need to take the pic in Disneyland, but you can make the jar at home so it’s ready when you come back.  I think this could be customized for almost any princess.



Disney’s Frozen Activity Sheets

Do you wanna build a snowman?  My kids do!  This website has a ton of free printable frozen activities!  All you moms with Frozen-crazy kiddos like me….BOOKMARK THAT SITE!


Pressed Penny Charm (No Source)

Make a pressed penny in the park.  Bring it home, poke a hole, add a chain and a clasp (from Micheals) and you have yourself a zipper pull or charm for a bracelet or charm for a backpack.  Now that’s a cheap souvenir!


What to pack for Disneyland (No Source)

This pin led to nowhere, I hate that!  But here’s what the pinner said:

“The Disney-bound clothing pins are nice but here’s what I recommend for going to Disneyland 1.The mobile app that really helps 2.Hand Sanitizer 3.Blister band aids 4.Camel pack backpack 5.Cheap video player to watch while standing in line 6.Waterproof camera that takes real batteries 7.Anti Blister socks 8.Blotting papers 9.sunscreen 10.fan 11.Anti chaff roll on 12.Compact Stroller 13.Sunblock Lip balm 14.Personal mister 15.Mickey grilled cheese 16.Shoe inserts 17.Mickey Mouse rice kris pies”

I’m totes with him on 1-3, 7.  9,10 and 13,14 – if it’s hot.  Not sure about those food items….But I would add a portable iPhone charger because you’re going to go through your battery life quick by checking the apps listed below.  Also, I read that you need to turn your phone to airplane mode when you go on underground rides like Pirates and Indiana Jones.  Apparently you burn through battery faster on those rides because it’s searching for a signal.




We all know there’s no getting an Elsa dress right now unless you’re willing to spend a few hundred to get it off Ebay.  I just wish I could sew…I would totally make this for Ms. Lou.


Disneyland Memory Jar (No source)

Take an envelope and a pen in the park with you. Write down the things your kids say they love. Ask them at night what their favorite was that day. Add it to the envelope. When you get home decorate a jar and add the year and the memories. When you are getting ready to go the next time, revisit what they liked best the last time!  Fun way to reminisce about all the memories you’ve made.



Espesh important if you are renting a stroller.  But also good if you’re visiting the park during peak times.


Frozen Coloring Pages

Free!  Free Frozen coloring pages.  I’m totally taking a few of these for the plane!


Disneyland Chore Bucket

This is a great idea if you want your kids to earn money to spend while in Disneyland.  Love it!


Monsters Inc. Kids Craft

These are pretty darn cute!  Brady loves Mike and Sully!


Elsa’s Snow Flake Wands

Warning – there is no tutorial for this.  That’s so annoying.  But the pinner said they were “easy”.  I guess the hard part is going to be finding that snowflake this time of year….



Cute bracelet.  Pick up the supplies at Micheals and get crafty!  This could be customized for any movie or character.  For smaller crafters, you could use pipe cleaners instead of the real deal bracelet supplies.

 Have a great day mamas!




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