Go See Do: The City by the Bay

Hey mamas!

Happy Earth day!  Teach your kids how to take care of our planet today.  You could explain to them why we recycle, go pick up litter at your favorite park, or teach them how to conserve water.  get creative!

About a week ago, I had the pleasure of writing a guest post for a website called Mom It Forward.  They asked me to write a spring travel post.  Here it is!



Ahhhh, California in Spring.  We have the most fabulous weather.  It really is the perfect time to hit the road with your kiddos.  I would love to spend some time with my family time in San Francisco.  I’ve spent plenty of adult time in “the city”, but never with the kiddos in tow  There are so many things for little ones to do I am dying to take them there. 

Pack Smart


Let’s talk packing.  Since my son refuses to potty train, I still have one kiddo in diapers.  I like to pack one diaper a day and buy a small pack when I get to my destination.  This way I don’t take up valuable space in my suitcase with diapers.  Also, I pack the kids in one suitcase together.  I plan their outfits for each day and pack each one individually with underwear or a diaper and socks in gallon sized ziplock bags.  When I seal each bag,  I make sure there is no air left in the bag.  This way the bag is very thin, saving space in your suitcase,  And it’s super easy to pull out when you’re on your vacation.  I fill a few gallon ziplock bags with the extras needed, like “L’s sweathsirts” or “B’s nightclothes”.  I also back a large black garbage bag.  I toss all dirty clothes into the black bag and I put all used ziplock bags inside one ziplock bag as I go so that they can be reused.  It does take time in advance to plan each kid’s daily outfit, but it’s worth it for smoother mornings when you reach your destination. 

13 Things to See in San Francisco

San Francisco has so much to offer from fun and frivolity to culture and class. Here are a few of my top picks to see when you are in the city.


Crissy Field – First, I recommend enjoying some fresh, beachside air at Crissy Field.  The beaches, the trails, the tide pools, and view of the Golden Gate Bridge make this a perfect place to start.


Palace of Fine Arts – Right by Crissy Field is the Palace of Fine Arts.  This is a beautiful place to explore with lovely ponds and architecture.  There are plenty of paths for the kids to run around on and have their own adventure.



Goldan Gate Park – The next day, visit Golden Gate Park.



Pier 39 – Then spend the evening at Pier 39 – super touristy but so much fun for the kiddos with a carousel, sea lions, and street performers.



San Francisco Zoo – Spend the entire last day at the San Francisco Zoo.  You will find exotic animals, a carousel, a playground, a small train, and so much more.

On the next visit I suggest the Randall Museum, the Children’s Creativity Museum, the Exploratorium: science, or the California Academy of Sciences.

Happy Trails!



PS – This post was originally posted at momitforward.com on April 13, 2014.


2 thoughts on “Go See Do: The City by the Bay

  1. Don’t forget your sweatshirts! It nice most places this time of year…but I’m freezing in the city this week 🙂 Also, a local tip…if you’re in Golden Gate park stroll over to 9th and Irving on the Sunset side for food. Park Chow is yummy, affordable and very “kid friendly”…we go there with our three kiddos all the time. And if you’re lucky enough to be there on a nice weather day…there’s a roof deck!


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