Easter Baskets tips and tricks

Hey mamas,

Easter is this Sunday, are you ready?  I’m getting close, I just have a few more things to gather up and I’ll be good to go.  We will be dyeing eggs in the next few days.  So much fun!  Today I’m sharing some things I’ve done in the past.  You can find these tips and other fun tips by following all my Pinterst boards here or just follow my Easter board to find more Easter inspiration.

First, what to put in those baskets?  I like to do a mix of candy, gifts, and activities.


Lyla 3: candy, stickers, bunny ears, crayons, a plant to plant, and bubbles.


Brady almost 10 months: stickers, bubbles, and eggs filled with puffs and yogurt drops.


Lyla 4 and Brady 21 months


We like to tie a piece of ribbon to their doors and the other end to their baskets then they to have to follow it to find their baskets.  You can make it as crazy to follow as their ages allow.  Last year we had Lyla go outside, come back in, go out front, come back in.  You get the idea.  It makes the hunt pretty fun.


Here is Lyla hunting for her basket when she was just 3 years old.


When it comes to dyeing eggs with little hands, it can be really messy.  Using a whisk to help stabilize the egg really helps!  After she dipped the egg in the dye, she set it on the sieve placed over a bowl to dry a bit before being placed into the add drying rack that came with the egg dye kit.  This made it so much easier for her to work with the eggs.  And there was so much less mess for me!

Have a great day!




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