The spirit of youth…




Hey mamas!

Over the weekend my family and I took a bike ride, along the way we saw a duck sitting on the bank of a creek.  She was sitting on top of her very very small ducklings.  It was such a beautiful sight to see.  The kids loved it, although they had a hard time seeing the babies because they would just pop a head or a feather out.  To me it was the epitome of spring: new life.

In spring there is new life in the holiday we celebrate, in our gardens, and in the world all around us.  It’s pretty amazing!  It’s inspiring me to put that new life, into my garden.  I’ve been sprouting some seeds in a mini greenhouse, they’re not doing so well.  I think I’ll plant some, already sprouted, veggies in the garden.  The kids really enjoyed this in the previous years.  It’s fun and a great learning experience.

I’m also inspired by the spirit of youth.  This week is Spring break and I’m so excited to have both of my kiddos home with me all week.  I don’t have any solid plans, but I do plan to live in the moment with them.  To not take things too seriously and to try to experience something new together everyday.  Next fall, my son will be in preschool two days a week and my daughter will be in Kindergarten.  It hit me yesterday, that I only have a few more months with him before he starts school.  It’s exciting for him, but selfishly sad for me.  Once he starts preschool, he’ll only go to school more and more days.  Then they’ll both be getting ready to go off to college before I know it.

What will you plant this week?  What will your youthful spirit inspire you to do?

Happy Easter week!




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