Meet Amy

Hey mamas,

This Friday I have a very special mama for you to meet.  Her name is Amy and she and I have been buddies since 1985.  Yes, that’s a very long time…almost 30 years.  We went to the same elementary school together.  She was a year ahead of me, yet only 16 days older.  You see, I was a cry baby.  I was supposed to be in her Kindergarten class, but I cried too much so they let me go home for a year.  I guess Amy wasn’t super thrilled about being there either, she was a little jealous that I go to go home.


(Yep, that’s a Hyper color T)

After that we played soccer together, went on trips together, had sleep overs, pretended to be fairies that drank “whiskey-rum” out of their wands, and pretty much did everything else together.  (Maybe it was the “whiskey-rum”.)


Her house was close enough that I could ride my bike there.  We even exchanged Best Friends necklaces, so you know this is a legit friendship.  Although, we sometimes argued over who got “BE FRI” and who got “ST ENDS”.  (Pretty much both wanted “BE FRI”.  Who didn’t?)

Her family moved a little farther away, (out of bike riding distance) and she switched schools.  We remained close through that and through going to different high schools.  It got harder when she went away to school at UC San Diego, but I saw her when she was in town and I went to visit her in fab San Diego.  Then I went off to college and she went on to further her education at UCLA.  After school, she was a teacher in LA.  She only moved back to the the Sacramento area when I was pregnant with my daughter (2008).  I was so happy to have her back!  When she got married she decided to settle in Folsom.  It’s been so nice to have my old friend back and to be able to spend some quality time with her daughter.  I feel very lucky to have such a special, funny, smart, and talented friend in my life.

Meet Amy…

Hey mamas,
My name is Amy Gaskins.  I am a lucky new mom to a little 9-month-old girl named Hyland or “Lindy.”  I have only been married for 1 1/2 years.  I’m a newbie compared to some of you.

My sweet husband Brian is my favorite person in the world.

Although, I do think this meme depicts marriage pretty well sometimes…


I am lucky enough to work part-time as a deposition reporter while my kiddo plays at her grandparents’ house.

Currently Coveting:

This one is tough for me.  I’ve seen some very fancy products featured on this section.  Right now, there are two things that I daydream about having.


The first is my pre-pregnancy body.

To help me achieve that goal, right now I am training for a 5K and raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through Moms in Training.  If you’re interested in joining me and other moms in this endeavor, check out our page.  If you feel moved to donate to help find cures for blood cancers, please consider donating on my behalf here.

The second thing I’m coveting is cloth diapers.

Yes.  Cloth diapers.  I am so in love with all the fantastic cloth diapers out there.  They’re so dang cute!  I originally got into it to save money.  But then I discovered how many cute prints there are.
And now I’ve bought a ton!  But the good news (at least what I keep reminding my poor husband) is that I will be able to sell these when I’m done and get most of my money back.  Yep.  It’s true.  Some very limited edition ones, I’ll even be able to sell for MORE than I bought them for.
They’re much easier than you might think.  I just do one extra load of laundry every other day.  Anyway, I could write on and on about them, but here are some pictures.

I really love my…

Family.  Not just my new little family (although they’re very high on the list, of course).  But my big extended family.  We get together once a year for a weekend-long family reunion up in Tahoe called “Camp Caulfield,” and it’s always one of the highlights of my year.  I enjoy seeing my cousins, aunts, uncles, brother, sister, and all the grandkids.
I’m not exaggerating to say that we do sometimes break into song spontaneously.  Okay.  We often do that.  It caught my quiet-ish husband off-guard when he first witnessed it. 😛

Guilty Pleasure…


Reality TV.  I very much enjoy watching Teen Mom, 19 Kids and Counting, Sister Wives, the Bachelor, and the Little Couple.  I’m not proud to admit that.  But it’s true!

Fave beauty items:


Cherry Flavored Carmex
Another tough one for me…I’ve seen so many fancy serums and beauty products featured in this position every week, but I don’t really have anything like that.  I keep it really simple.  I’m a Carmex, cover-up, and mascara gal.  You know I’ve dressed up for you if I have eyeliner and shadow on.  It might be a date night or something.

Right now my favorite beauty items are…


CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser


CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

Very simple products that leave my skin feeling clean and healthy.

Recent mommy moment…


I was just mentally writing this one while I was rocking my baby to sleep.  I was thinking how it’s such a special time and I won’t have her this young forever.  She’s not a cuddly baby by nature.  So rocking her to sleep is something I might be holding onto to keep her close to me for just a little bit longer.
So I was thinking all this and having a sweet moment to myself.  And then she refused to go to sleep.   I spent a solid half hour in her room bouncing her, walking with her, swaying her, singing to her, shushing her.  Nada.
THAT’s a mom moment.  One minute you feel like you’ve got the parenting thing in the bag, and the next moment that sweet little bundle of joy is proving you wrong.   It’s such a mix of complete happiness and frustration.  I want her little and dependent, but I want her to GO TO SLEEP.
Thankfully, my hubs took over for me.  Phew!
Now, is this the part where I get to tell embarrassing stories about Mandy (Mama Momtourage) when we were little?
Ask me about her questionable ethics while playing Marco Polo or her role as the reigning female taco-eating champ in my family.   I’ve got some good stuff, as I’m sure she likewise has about me.
In all fairness, I also have stories about how she made my wedding amazing through her planning and how I look up to her parenting skills. Ask me anything. 🙂
Okay.  That’s all from me.


Wow, thanks for such kind words Amy!  Well, kind and exposing…LOL.  It’s true, I cheated.  There, I can finally admit it.  I was never very good at that game at it was the three Caufield kiddos on their home turf against little-ole-me.  The taco champ is also very true.  You see, I had a very large appetite growing up.  (Wish I had that metabolism now.)  I believe I took the title with 12.  Yeah….I don’t know how either.  Her brother was the all time champ with 14.  He was playing college football at the time.  To this day, when I eat dinner at her parent’s house her mom always says, “Gee, I don’t know if Mandy can stay for dinner.  I don’t think I have enough food.”  Oh Judy, I wish I could still eat like that.

Anyway, special thanks to Amy for taking the time to share a slice of her life with us.  CeraVe, reality TV and the Caulfield Clan: I love all those things too!

Have a great day mamas!



One thought on “Meet Amy

  1. Love this! Such a good point about parenting! When I first brought my little guy home, I couldn’t have been more lost. And now I have moments where I am so proud of myself (only for him to switch it on me). But, we sure love these little sweeties!


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