What to do over Spring Break

Hey mamas,

Spring break will be here in just a few days.  In order to make those days fun I’ve got a couple of ideas for you to check out.  You can follow my Kids Craft/Activities board here for more fresh inspiration.  Or find all my boards and pins here.  Enjoy!

At home:


The Naked Egg Project


We’ve done this one before.  It was a hit!  It takes a few days, so it’s perfect to do over the break.  And a great opportunity to talk about science.


Fun with fizz and colors

Drop vinegar tinted with food coloring onto a pan filled with baking soda. Sheer minutes of colorful fizzy fun!  Brady loved it!


Outdoor fun with the alphabet

Two of my favorite things when it comes to learning: fun and fresh air!


Toilet paper bird feeder

Peanut butter, a toilet roll, and birdseed makes for happy birds!


We’ve also done it with a pinecone and some string.  Either one worked great!


Make fluff

This is really cool and has instant gratification.  I keep a couple bars of soap around just to do this with.  Take the fun outside or put it in the bathtub.

Go on a road trip:

We have so many places close by!  Here are a few of the closer options:


Daffodil Hill

I have never been.  I’m dying to go!


Aerospace Museum

Another local spot I’ve never been to.  I know my little plane-loving man would have the best time here!


Fairytale Town

A local favorite in my old stomping grounds.  The kids always have a great time!

The Sacramento Zoo

The zoo with all kinds of fun!



It’s like a mini 6 flags!


 Sacramento Railroad Museum

Real life trains to look at and go in and little trains to play with upstairs.  Plus it’s in Old Sac which means horse-drawn carriages walking around and a cool river to gaze at.

Go on a longer road trip:


Explore Lake Tahoe

My love for Tahoe knows no bounds.  I often sneak away for just a day trip.  There’s always something fun to do no matter the weather.


Monterey Bay Aquarium

I haven’t taken my kids here yet.  But I know they would have a great time and learn a ton!


Explore San Francisco

There are so many awesome things to do with kids in the city.  The rail cars are just the beginning.


Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose

We went when Lyla was two.  It was awesome.  Fun for all ages and tons of learning.


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Animals and rides.  So much fun!

I hope this helps make your week together enjoyable!



One thought on “What to do over Spring Break

  1. Putting the naked egg on our list, looks intriguing! Daffodil Hill makes for a nice picnic, winding drive so go the long way if your kiddo gets car sick 🙂


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