Did you get your “fix” yet?



Hey mamas,

Have you heard of Stitch Fix yet?  Well let me tell you all about it.  It’s a cool new company (with adorable packaging) that is based in San Francisco.  They describe themselves as a “Personal Styling Service for Women”.  But it’s not what you’re thinking.  It’s affordable and online!  How easy is that – you never have to leave your home!  (I swear I’m not a recluse.)  Affordable?  Yes!  It only costs $20 to set-up your “fix” and you can choose the average price per item.  Last month, I set-up my first “fix” which always includes five items.  You keep what you like and send back the rest within three days.  If you keep everything, you get 25% off and your $20 styling fee get’s applied to anything you buy from that “fix”.  That’s fun!

To get started, you go to their website and fill out your “style file”.  Here they ask you all kinds of questions about what you like and don’t like, favorite colors, and other burning style questions.  They also ask you a ton about your sizing.  They currently offer sizes 0/XS–14/XL.  I don’t really know how to describe my personal style, so some of these questions were super hard for me!  LOL.  They will select the best shirts, sweaters, pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, scarves, jewelry, and bags that match your answers.  They also ask you about your pricing and how often you want to get a “fix”.  I scheduled one on a monthly basis.  I mean, why not?  It’s only $20 a time.  That’s probably what I would be spending on gas to go to and from a bunch of stores to find five items.

Once they ship you the items they personally select for you, you still don’t pay anything more than the $20.  You only pay for the items you keep.  And they have free shipping on returns.  So easy.  My items were supposed to average $65 per item.  Two of them were $68 and one was $88.  The $88 item is a pair of jeans, so I can justify that.  Plus, the package comes with a handy little guide including pics that tell you exactly how to wear your items.  They give you two complete outfit ideas per item shipped.  Fully styled…LOVE THAT!


Here’s the items I received from my first Stitch Fix shipment:


Ayla LOVE Bracelet $28

I really “love” this bracelet.  (Pun intended.)  It’s dainty and on-trend.  Plus, I think the price is fair.

Jeffrey Distressed Skinny Jean $88

Jeans: distressed, stretchy, skinny jeans.  I do have a love for these, but I’m not in the market and I’m pretty loyal to my CAbi skinnies.  (LOVE the fit.)  So these just weren’t going to happen for me.  However, I am in the market for some white jean capris…

Brad Striped Jersey Maxi Dress $68

A maxi dress with grey and blue stripes.  Grey and blue are my go-to clothing colors.  And I have been looking for one that doesn’t make this short (5’4″) girl look stumpy.  This dress is very fitted on top but opens up to a full skirt with diagonal stripes.  Very flattering.  This item may stay with me.

Mame Eyelet Embroidery Detail Stripe Top $48

Check out this sleeveless eyelet sheath with beautiful embroidery, button detail up the back, and that gorgeous color.  LOVE it!  Unfortunately, it didn’t fit me right.  I have a wide rib cage and broad shoulders.  It was just too tight across the chest. But it fit so nicely through the waist and hips.  I’ll send it back and request the larger size, but I think that might be too loose through the waist and hips.

Hayak Hi-Lo Open Knit Detail Sweater $68

You know they’re on the right track when they send you something super similar to what you already have.  The problem is that this one really missed the mark because it’s a crop top.  Yeah, that’s not going to work for me at all.  But the knit was super soft and the shape would have worked if it was a bit longer.


All in all, I really love the service that Stitch Fix is offering.  I think it’s super convenient for the busy professional, the SAHM, the fashion clueless, and the fashion conscious.  Really for anyone.  It’s super fun to be surprised by selections someone else chose for you.  I will continue to get my “fix” and I think you should too.  In my opinion, if one item works out of five, I’m happy. (Although this time there are two.)

However, I will be sending them specific feedback about the items I’m returning.  This is what they recommend.  They ensure that your “fixes” will get better over time.  But that’s only possible if you provide them with specific info.  A word to the wise: when filling out your “style file” make sure you are honest about what you want.  I said I loved blues, whites, and greys.  That’s very true.  But that’s what I have a closet full of, I need to branch out a bit.  So I will be giving them feedback about that and changing my style file to add some different colors.

Bottom line: I totally recommend this service.  It’s affordable, convenient, and fun.  And if you don’t like anything, you’re only out $20.  That’s not too bad, right?  Get your “fix” now!



3 thoughts on “Did you get your “fix” yet?

  1. I had a great experience with my first “fix” and it really is super easy ! I am looking forward to my May fix. I am not getting monthly fixes ( my bank account can’t handle that), I do have a credit from referring someone, super exciting !


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