Moms in Training

Hey mamas,
This workout Wednesday post is for all the running mamas out there and for all the mamas who want to be running mamas.  It’s about two of my favorite things: philanthropy and exercise.  My oldest girlfriend and new mom Amy was asked by Team in Training to get the word out about a brand spankin’ new program they are offering called Moms in Training.  And they have a group right here in Folsom.  (Other towns too, check the webbie for locations.)  She’s a very seasoned runner and had a great experience with Team in Training before she had her adorable daughter Hyland.  One of the reasons she loved doing TNT – aside from the obvious reasons of reaching a goal, invaluable info, and helping to raise money for a more-than-worthy cause – was making new friends!  That’s just another reason I think this new program is so awesome.  Obvi, I know firsthand how challenging training for a run can be, but when you have a group that has your same challenges it can as good as therapy.  Here’s some info straight from the mom-bassader herself.
Hi mamas!  I’m hoping to get the word out to all the mamas in momtourage land about a great group that’s starting up right in our area.  Have you ever heard of Team in Training?  Of course you have. You may have seen me post on FB about all the crazy workouts and events I did with them back in the day before my kiddo came.  You may have also seen all the wacky people wearing purple and dressed in crazy costumes and clanging cowbells at races you’ve been to.
Well, let me tell you about Moms in Training.  It’s a spin-off from TNT that is focused on us moms. 🙂  We volunteer to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in exchange for help in training for a 5K run/walk.  The workouts and the event are stroller-friendly.   So bring your baby.  (or not…that’s cool too.)
MIT workout 1
We had our first workout last Saturday in Roseville, but it isn’t too late to join in the fun!  Meet some great moms, work for a good cause, and do a little something for yourself.  Come join us in Folsom next Saturday morning.
Check out this website for more information.  Here’s a pic of us this morning at our first workout.  We made it out.  in the rain.  And yep,  there’s a baby under that blanket! Go moms!!

You guys, I love this so much!  It’s so great that there are programs like this to bring moms together for a good cause and to get a workout.  Awesome!  If you want more information you can checkout their website or show up to their workout this Saturday at 8am in Folsom.  If you have any questions about this program please leave them in the comments section and Amy will be happy to answer them for you.


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