Meet Annie

Hey mamas!

I have a total babe for you to meet today!  Annie and I have known each other since Kindergarten.  We went to school together for 9 years (Holy Spirit Bears!) before we parted ways to go to different high schools.  Back then she was cool, funny, pretty, and a good friend to everyone.  So basically nothing has changed.  She’s outgoing, slightly irreverent (in the best, funniest way), super friendly, brave, resilient, and completely authentic.  She’s always the coolest girl you could know.  She holds nothing back and is always smiling, probably because she is thinking about a dirty joke.  She was an esthetician before getting her nursing degree, so she is exactly the kinda girl you want on speed dial.  She can tell you how to get rid of that zit before telling you how to apply a tourniquet.  She just ran her first half marathon and she did ah-mazing!  I’m sure you will all love her as much as I do!

Meet Annie.

Hey amazing, hardworking, lovely mamas! My name is Annie and I live in Sacramento with my boyfriend (baby’s daddy), Nick, and our son Carter (almost 11 months).
Nick and I met while I was in nursing school. At that time, I was focused on my future career and the last thing on my mind was dating! After my first semester of nursing finals, I went out with some girlfriends to Golden Bear. My friend was dating a guy and she told him to meet us out that day and to bring some friends. One of the friends he brought was Nick, my future baby’s daddy. I thought he was handsome and we hit it off. It always happens when you least expect it… and we fell in love…Gah! Nick is a happy, hilarious, and handsome!
When I was in my final semester of nursing school, I had a few questionable symptoms and decided to take a pregnancy test. After two positive home tests, I took a final positive pregnancy test at my doctors office ( that explained my complete exhaustion besides working graveyards at the hospital). It was a definite surprise but we were excited for this new venture together. My pregnancy progressed and at my 16 week ultra sound, my doctor had more news than the sex of the baby. She told us we were having a boy and that, unfortunately, he had gastroschisis. Gastroschisis is a condition where the intestines stick outside of the stomach through a defect in the umbilical cord. Nick and I were worried sick but tried to stay strong. On May 4th, 2013 (36 weeks pregnant), I went into labor. Carter wasn’t responding well to my contractions so I had an emergency c-section. Carter Joseph Silveira was born at 10:50PM at 5lbs 2 oz and 17 inches long. They wheeled him next to me for a few seconds so I could see his face before they took him to surgery. He was in surgery for a few hours and the outcome was looking good. They eventually put all of his intestines back inside of his body and he lived in the NICU of Sutter Memorial for the first month and a half of his life.
Since he was discharged, we have had multiple stays in the hospital from complications. Thankfully 2014 has brought us health thus far. Carter is a vibrant, funny, LOUD, and handsome (like his daddy) boy! He has taught me the true meaning of life. He brings so much joy to Nick and I and we are overjoyed that we are lucky enough to be his parents. Being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done but it is the most amazing thing I can add to my resume of life. I am proud and forever grateful to be Carter’s mommy!

Currently Coveting:


Vitamix 5200 Deluxe Complete Kitchen Set $599

I love to juice and make soups. This would make the process much easier than my ninja!


A maid! I have serious OCD about a clean house but would rather spend my time playing and teaching Carter new things. A cleaning lady once a week would make me do some serious back flips ending in round-offs.


A cook- can i get an amen! Although I do enjoy making yummy, healthy food for my family to enjoy… It takes so much time! Can it just be done for me?????

I really love my…


P20 Hot Pilates and Fitness

I have been going to P20 Hot Pilates studio since I was given the okay to workout after Carter was born. It has completely transformed my body and I love going there. They offer hot pilates, trx, kettle bells, and bikini butt classes. HOLLA!


Tuffo Blanket $42

Carter’s favorite thing to do is to go outside, enjoy the outdoors, and creep on neighboors. It’s cheap, waterproof and perfect for any outdoor occasion.

Carter’s physical therapists. Carter was also diagnosed with a condition called congenital benign hypotonia. He goes to physical therapy twice a week and is progressing thanks to his awesome physical therapists that work so diligently with him.

Guilty Pleasure…


Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels

OMG! If you haven’t had them, please just go buy them! And tell me thank you later!


Keeping up with the Kardashians

Don’t lie and tell me you don’t watch this horrific amazingness!


Real Housewives of Beverley Hills

It’s just entertaining and I am team Brandi all the way! She’s obnoxious and inappropriate just like me! =0

Fave beauty items:


SkinCeuticals Retexturing Activator $73

I have extremely sensitive skin and can’t handle retinols. This product gives me comparable results to retinols without the sensitivity and redness.


Image Vitamin C Enzyme Masque $30

My skin can be very dry, especially in the winter, and I use this masque as a night time moisturizer. It exfoliates and gives the skin a proper dose of antioxidants to fight that pesky thing called “age”… bleh!

Recent mommy moment…

Carter has been working hard in his physical therapy. I tend to get down at times because there are weeks where I feel he is not progressing and that maybe I am not doing enough at home to help him. We went to physical therapy today and Carter did a few things that impressed his physical therapist and she was so proud of him. As a mother, I see his progression everyday but when someone else notices an improvement in your child it is the most amazing feeling.
Another moment…
Nick and I usually put Carter to bed between 7-7:30. The weather has been so nice that we decided to hangout in the backyard, lit the candle on the outside table, and drank some wine together. We talked for hours about Carter, our future, and just laughed. It’s easy to get caught in the day to day monotony. It was so nice to have our own little date night right in our own backyard!


That sounds dreamy Annie!  I love a good at-home date.  Oh geez, now I have yet another SkinCueticals product to obsess over.  Thanks so much for sharing all this goodness with us!




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