Hey mamas,

Today I will be sharing pins from my “LOLz and Random” board on my Pinterest.  (You can click the link to see the complete board and follow.)  Anyway, I love this board because it always makes me laugh.  There are a ton of the some-e-cards or Snark-E-Cards on there.  For whatever reason they’re my fave.  I think it’s the old-timey people in the pictures that really do it for me.  So please enjoy these cards…

5e7be395e5537735ee56e118725ee52d Some days….


Everytime!  Espesh lately!  It’s so annoying.  And then I feel like a jerk when I get somewhere and I’m late so I say, “Sorry, we would have been on time but someone crapped their pants….and it wasn’t me.”


I’m looking at you chicken….


This is a fact.  And the correct direction is over the top.


I always say, “Look at me.  Do you really think I can do that for you right now?”.  It never works.  They usually just stare back at me like I tried to explain the Pythagorean theorem to them or something.


I. Just. Can’t.  Not after 7:30.


Yep, all these responsibilities.  All too true.


 This has happened.  Or the opposite has also happened.  Once in a while I’ll get, “Wow you look really great!  I almost didn’t recognize you.”  Thanks for the backhanded compliment….


Sorry mom.  This is really inappropriate but really funny!


Also, I usually get so freaked out that they are going to write me a ticket for texting or something I throw my phone on the passenger-side floor for good measure.  Like, “Oh no, no way I was doing that.  See, my phone is entirely out of reach.”.  Yes, I may have been pulled over for that once or twice before….


I do have a list on my phone, but this would be way classier.  There’s something about writing it down that makes it feel like it’s already been done.  Very stress relieving…You should try it.


Moms: Making things magically appear since the beginning of time.

Have a funny day!



6 thoughts on “LOLz

  1. Oh my gosh these were amazing for my sick-in-bed reading pleasure. Thanks for the extra laugh with your comments.

  2. I love the no make up one! Really? I look sick? I love when people say you look tired! Seriously, what does “look tired mean?” Lol!!!!!!!! Ugly? That’s what it means, I am looking rough, apparently! Ha! Love this post!


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