A weekend state of mind.

Hey mamas,

These past few days have been a little rough in my household.  Nothing serious.  My little man has had a pretty nasty little cold and that means he’s needed extra care and he’s been whiny and clingy.  Poor guy, he just doesn’t feel well.  Don’t you just hate it when you can’t fix your kids problems right away?  I mean can’t my kisses cure anything in a 2-year-olds world?  Anyway, like I said, nothing serious.  I just didn’t want to leave him at the gym daycare in his condition and with my husband traveling for work the past two days I haven’t been able to get in a good workout and it’s been all mom all the time.  Plus, I think my daughter just fell victim to the bug…  Because of this, I have been savoring last weekend and looking forward to this weekend.  As a SAHM, it can be hard to feel like we get a weekend.  To me, the weekend is no longer about not having any professional responsibilities, instead it is about relaxing and family time.


IMG_6276 Last weekend was full of time spent as a family – BBQs, swimming, and celebrating milestones.  There was cake, sun, and laughter.  Some of my favorite things.  And my beautiful niece, Hope, was Confirmed.  Such a special day for her, she looked beautiful and so happy.  She was Confirmed at the same church my parents were married in, I was married in, my brother was married in, and where my kids were baptized.  Being in that church brings back so many beautiful memories.

Here are a few things I daydream about when I need to get into a “weekend state of mind”:

-The buzz in the air when “DADDY!!!!” comes home from work on Friday.


-Sitting in our front yard watching the kids while they are riding bikes, playing with outdoor toys, and trying to find the neighborhood cat while my hubby and I enjoy an adult beverage.


-Getting cozy on the couch with the whole family with tons of pillows, blankets, everyone’s “goodies” (their special blankets and pillows), popcorn, candy, and a newly released family movie.  I seriously love a good family movie night. I always get the best cuddles ever.

-Saturday mornings spent in bed, with coffee, my Mac, the door closed and a full DVR full of crap TV quality programming…while my hubby entertains and feeds the kiddos.


-Loungewear and no make-up

-A day spent exploring a new place together.


-Getting dressed a little sassier and a little more dramatic make-up for a date night with my love.


-A day trip to a fun locale.

-Sundays at church

-family BBQ dinners


Ahhhh….it makes me feel happier and more relaxed already.  What do you do or think about when your week feels long?




8 thoughts on “A weekend state of mind.

  1. I love weekends too. It think it’s mostly because another adult is there to interact with. Along with all the cuddles and fun stuff you said.

  2. Boy! Either you had a fly on my wall or we just had a carbon copy of the last few days! It is tough:) tough:) thanks for sharing! We all tend to go through a lot of the same things at different times and it is nice when there is someone that is able to share so that we can either learn or grow from their experiences and stories….or just take a breath cause we are not the only ones! Xoxoxo

  3. When the week feels long it makes me feel better to look at my calendar and see the fun events I have planned and start visualizing my outfits. Sometimes even a weekend is not as relaxing as I hoped it would be, but I can get through the tough times if I know something fun is coming up like dinner plans in April with two of my favorite ladies.

  4. Relaxing, catching up on all my fav TV guilty pleasures, throw a little shopping in there (bright and early to miss the crowds – with my treasured weekend drink – Mocha Chip Ice Storm from Nordstrom – I can’t have during the week because they don’t open until 9:30! – the horror!) and having fun dinners with friends at new find restaurants! That’s one thing we’re blessed with in Seattle – if it’s not the sun – we have AH-MAZING restuarants! Hmmm…where to go this weekend!! XOXO


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