Let’s talk Target…


Target, the grocery store, costco….these are the places you will find us mamas at at least once a week…amIright?  Since Target is a necessary evil (and joy!!) I thought I would share with you the ways I have been able to save a little cash money yo.  The idea for this post hit me yesterday, when I was in Target.  A few ladies saw me scanning labels with my phone like a crazy person and stopped to ask me what the heck I was doing.  That led to me giving FOUR impromptu tutorials on the Target Cartwheel App.  I even downloaded it to their phones and found them savings on items already in their carts.  This week I saved 20% on my overall purchase.  Here’s how:

First, there are a few things you need to know/do BEFORE YOU SHOP…


-Download the free Cartwheel App.  Just do it!  It’s free and it doesn’t take up that much space.

-Get a Target Red Card.  I know, I know, it’s so annoying.  They tell you about it every time you go.  I’m sure we can all recite their speech.  But it does save 5% on top of your coupons and Cartwheel app.  And you can designate a school to receive 1% of your total in funding.  And it’s a debit card, so there are no fees unless you get the credit card.

-Make a list and stick to it.  This is very important because we all know how enticing certain things they carry can be.  Housewares anyone???



-Check out your Cartwheel App at home.  Because Target carries a grocery section it can be super time consuming to manually scan each item in store before it goes into the cart.  Since I do some of my grocery shopping there and the majority at Raley’s, it’s important that I know my grocery prices and browse the categories at home then add that offer to my tally.  Honestly, sometimes they have the brands I buy cheaper, so it does pay to compare.

-Prep your coupons.  This is a great site that I use weekly.  This site tells me what’s on sale or special and all the local stores and if there is coupon available.  If there is I print or cut them at home and put them in a baggie so I don’t hold up the line at check out.  (I have a ton more to say about this…that’s for next Tuesday’s post.)


-Get Target’s Mobile Coupons.  There are two ways to do this.  One is to download the free Target App and access them from that app on your phone.  The other is to go to this site and enter in your cell number and they will text them to you.  You really need to do both because they have different offers.

-Browse their ads.  In their ad this week you could text “HAIR” to Target and they send you a mobile coupon for $5 off a shamp/cond/style product purchase of $15 or more.  They have these in their stores (usually behind glass in the front of the store by the bathrooms or the customer service desk.) or you can get a subscription to your Sunday paper and get it then like me.  (This is how I get ALL my coupons – again… more on that next Tuesday.)  I bought the products my kids use to wash their hair and some of their styling products.  I had a manufactures coupon, and they were on special, and I had the mobile discount.  So I spent $11 on products we actually use that should have costed my about $22.

While in store…

-If you get a coffee, don’t forget to grab one of those free, plastic, red cup holders that perfectly fit a venti cup and hooks onto your cart.  My Target (Folsom) has them by the creamers but the El Dorado Hills one has them at the cafe where they sell popcorn.  My mom’s (Land Park) doesn’t usually carry them, so I have one in the car and one in my purse at all times.  I’m serious, ask me next time you see me.  Have you ever tried to push a cart, juggle your phone, and wrangle your two year old with a coffee in your hand?  It’s just not effective people.

-Again…STICK TO YOUR LIST!  After you go through your whole entire list, then you may browse around.  Don’t forget to check out the dolla dolla bins yo!


-When you pick up an item, scan it just to make sure it is the right one that was on the app.  If you don’t think it’s on special with the app scan just in case…You never know…

-Keep an eye out for the gift card offers.  They are throughout the store.  This site, that I told you about above, will tell you what’s on special.  Last week I needed TP.  They had a special on my brand – buy any two packs and get a $10 Target gift card.  They were also on sale.  And I had a manufacturers coupon.  I got 60 rolls (two 30 packs) of my brand for $13 and I got a $10 GC for my next shopping trip.  Not to mention I’m stocked up for a while.  Unless I get into some high school shenanigans and need to TP somebody.

Add the checkout stand…

-Know the order.  They want any and all coupons first, then the app, then the red card.



-Have all your coupons ready.  I’m not an extreme couponer.  In fact, I get a little embarrassed at the check out stand because I don’t want to hold anybody up or waste any time.  So, I have my baggie of coupons handy, I also have all my mobile coupons on my passbook on my phone – barcode ready, I have my barcode from my app with all my discounts at the ready, and all my payment options are sitting out, ready to go (GC and Red card).  If you see someone in front of you with a binder and they are flipping through all their coupons, please direct them to this blog post.  That is exactly the person I do not want to be.  Yesterday it took me less than three minutes for my total checkout and I saved 20%.



Happy shopping mamas!




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