Plant your seeds…


Hey mamas,

I’ve only been a blogger since September, but I fall victim to judging my day by the the harvest.  Some days the harvest will be amazing, others disappointing.  But I have to remember to count the seeds I’ve planted in my harvest.  Each day I am taking a step towards my goal.  Not to mention that I enjoy what I am doing, that’s important to remember too.

In life, we plant seeds all the time.  Whether it’s in the forgiveness we offer, the kindness we give, or the compassion we share… we are sewing seeds.  These are the seeds that will grow into our future and create our life.  How do you want your life to grow?  Surely you don’t want your seeds to grow a life of lies and unhappiness.  So let’s sew some seeds of happiness and judge ourselves on how we shaped our future today.

Happy Monday!




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