Get moving!

Hey mamas!

Over the weekend I ran my third 1/2 marathon at the Shamrock’n Half Marathon.  You can read all about my first 1/2 marathon experience here.  As always it was a very inspiring experience.  There was a big group of mamas running it.  And several of them were running for the first time.  Everyone did amazing!  Congrats ladies!

Here are a few pics from the run…

sh 2

sh 1

sh 3


Brandie coming through the finish line.

mir 1

Miranda coming through the finish line.


Raley and Natalie coming through the finish line.


Me coming through the finish line.


Raley and Amanda

mir 3

Miranda and friend


Me, Brandie, Natalie, and Angela


Colleen and Jennifer


Annie and friend


Sisters Angela and Natalie

mir 2

Miranda and Kelly

group 2

Me, Brandie, Natalie, and Angela with out kiddos.  (Not pictured: Max)

All of these ladies rocked it!  Thanks to Jovan, our fab driver and amazing photog!

So, does this inspire you?  Do you want to try a half marathon?  Or maybe you just want to try a 5K first.  Well, you can do it!  Here are a few training programs to get you moving!


From the couch to 5K.  This is a great place to start if you are not a runner. Or an avid exerciser.


10K After you’ve mastered the 5K you should tackle this!


A 12 week training program to achieve the goal of a half marathon.

Let me tell you something about a half marathon.  It’s not for everybody.  It can be very hard on your body.  But it is very rewarding.  My body really enjoys a 5-8 mile run.  So that’s my typical distance unless I’m training for something.  Also, when you are training, keep in mind that you need to train the way you plan to run the race.  For me, that means train in the clothes and shoes you plan to wear, if you plan to run with a water bottle – train with it, and practice with the “goo” or blocks or oranges you plan to consume.  All of these things will ensure your race day goes a bit smoother.

Get out there and get moving!  You can do it!



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