Rich Rainbow Wind Sock

Hey mamas!

RR Wind Sock

Today I was on Good Day Sacramento (See the whole video here.).  One of the things I talked about was this Rich Rainbow Wind Sock.  It’s rich because it’s dripping with coins…LOL.



  • Gold Sparkly paper
  • Scissors (and/or an X-acto knife)
  • Circle stencil
  • Foam board or poster board
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Crepe paper
  • Yarn
  • Cup of water and paper for cleaning and blotting brushes

First, cut a rainbow shape out of the foam or poster board (I used my X-acto knife for this).  Then, let your little one get creative and paint their very best rainbow.  Tip: I put the paints in a mini cupcake tin.  I squirt just a little bit in each cup.  Be sure to give them a cup of water and some paper towels so they can dry their brush in-between colors.  While each color is drying they can make the circles with a stencil on the back go the sparkly paper.  My 5yo is almost ready to cut out the circles all on her own.  She can do a few, then she gets tired.  So that was my big job, cutting out the gold coins.  Once the paint is dry, you can flip it over and tape the crepe paper on the back.  After that is done, lay it down and start to place your coins.  I used double sided tape to make this happen.  Be creative and place them wherever your heart desires.  You could add cotton balls for clouds on one side.  You could add a black pot on the coin side.  Then make two holes at the top of your rainbow and string the yarn through to hang.


Pretty cute right!  Ours is hanging out right next to our front door to greet our guests.  It makes my daughter so proud when people ask her about it.


Here are the other things I covered today: Leprechaun Binoculars, Bell Pepper Shamrock Stamp, DIY candy necklaces, and a St. Patrick’s Day cake parfait.



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