DIY Candy Necklace

Hey mamas!

DIY Candy Necklace

Today I was on Good Day Sacramento (See the whole video here.).  One of the things I talked about was this darling and easy DIY Candy Necklace.



  • Twine and tape
  • Cupcake tins
  • Candies, cereals, and cookies with a hole in the middle.


Use the tape to keep one end of your twine in place.  (At first I used fishing line and I don’t recommend it.  It was a little tough on the kids necks.)  Then start adding candy.  About the candy, I wanted to use a rainbow of colors to go with the whole St. Patrick’s Day theme.  So I used Peach-Os, Apple-Os, Gummy Life Savers, Fruit Loops, and chocolate and graham cookies.  We talked about how much candy should actually be on the necklace and we agreed that we didn’t want it to be too heavy.  So, we decided to add 15 of the Fruit Loops, the candy, then 15 more fruit loops to make it even.


She loved it!  This is fun for a holiday full of rainbows, but it would be cute for a slumber party, family movie night, to bring to the movie theatre….and on and on.  Seriously, can you think of a time when a candy necklace would NOT be a good time?  I can’t!


Here are the other things I covered today: Leprechaun Binoculars, Bell Pepper Shamrock Stamp, Rich Rainbow Wind Sock, and a St. Patrick’s Day cake parfait.



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