Meet KNCI’s Julie Ryan

Hey mamas,

Today I have a celeb lined up for you to meet: Radio personality Julie Ryan!  I’m a BIG country music fan.  105.1 KNCI is basically what’s playing in my car all the time….unless someone requests princesses or Raffi.  I’ve been listening to the KNCI morning show, “Pat and Tom Show”, for as long as I can remember.  I love it!  But I have a big problem…why isn’t it called the “Julie-With-Those-Other-Two-Guys Show”?  Seriously…I really want to know…  She’s funny, sassy, smart, witty, and always puts those boys in their place!  Plus, she’s a mom and always has great mom stories and is the voice of reason for Pat and Tom.  Well, today she’s here…on my blog!!  And she’s dishing all her secrets in this Five for Friday just for us.


Hi! My name is Julie Ryan. Iʼm married to a pretty hot guy.  We live in Lincoln with our two girls, Olivia (6) and Carly (4).

My husband, John, and I met in 2005. We were married in January of 2007, and Olivia was born that October. Bam! Carly came along 21 months after Olivia. I still look at my husband and wonder how I landed him.

Did I mention heʼs hot?


John is a high school teacher and he coaches football, basketball, and baseball. Which makes me a sports widow. I work for 105.1 KNCI and am part of the Pat and Tom Show. So, I start work at 5:00am, which means John gets the girls ready for school. Which also means I set their clothes out every night because I donʼt trust any of them. (John picks his own clothes out.)

I love silence (rarely happens), reading, and pedicures. I donʼt love laundry, drama, and laundry.

Currently Coveting

A smaller butt.


27″ iMac 1799.00

Weʼve had a 21 inch for about 5 years. Itʼs time to go bigger! (bigger is not better when talking about buttʼs).


Olivia K

This!!!!! I want this!!!!! But with my kids names…


I really love my…

Life. Family, friends, job…


Kindle Fire


King Sized Tempur-Pedic

I also love my Kindle Fire, and I love my bed! We got a King sized Tempur-Pedic adjustable bed a year ago. I love going to bed. At first I felt like we had a hospital bed, but itʼs seriously the most comfortable bed ever. And, itʼs fun to raise the head…then the feet…then lower the head…then the feet. Itʼs fun for the person with the remote. Not so much for the person trying to go to sleep.

Guilty Pleasure…


Naps. Probably because of our bed.

Fave beauty item:

A hat. 4:00am is too early to do hair.


Epicuren Micro-Derm Ultra Refining Scrub

I also love Epicuren Micro-Derm Ultra Refining Scrub. I use it once a week and it leaves my face feeling SO soft and clean. I just discovered it a few months ago.

Recent mommy moment…

That makes me laugh. We have so many of those. This is a recent one:


It was one of those nights where I didnʼt want to make dinner, so we drove through a drive-thru. Olivia, 6, is deathly afraid of mosquitoes. (She is also very dramatic.) If she *thinks* thereʼs one within a hundred feet of her, sheʼll scream. Have you ever been driving, then out of nowhere you hear a blood curdling scream? Pretty awesome. Anyway, I had to roll the window down to order. She yelled for me to roll it up so a mosquito wouldnʼt fly in. I calmly told her I had to roll it down so I could order her nutritious dinner. After ordering, I rolled it up, but had to roll it back down at the 1st window so I could pay. Once again, thereʼs yelling from the backseat to roll up the window. We got to the 2nd window to get our food. Window down, bags of food passed to me, and…. screams. Loud screams. Everyone in the restaurant was looking in my car. The employee was trying to ask if I wanted milk or chocolate milk. Neither of us could hear. I told her, calmly, that there was a mosquito in our car. Like that would make sense to her. I was so embarrassed. I wanted to make up a cool story. “Sorry for the screaming… my 6 year old is beating up a lion in the backseat.”

Hilarious, honest, and on-point.  Those are the exact reasons I listen every morning.  That and for my horoscope.  I mean, I really can’t go on with my day without knowing what my horoscope is…

Thanks so much to Julie for taking the time to give us the scoop.  If you have never listened to her morning show, you must!  Turn your radio to 105.1 right now!  I’m not kidding around.  You’ll love it!

Have a great weekend!




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