Head Space

head space


Hey mamas,

This past weekend I had a great conversation with a friend about head space.  The gist of the conversation is that we agreed that empty space can sometimes lead to a negative head space.  Empty space?  You’re probably wondering, “Who has empty space?”.  The bottom line is that from time to time we all find ourselves with a little empty space.  I’m not saying all the time and don’t be confused with “clearing space” for meditation or some other form of clarity.  If you’re someone who feels like you never have empty space, you need to create a little open space.  It will liberate you.

At any rate, when you have that open open space, who do you rent it to?  90% of the time mine goes to a productive or problem solving space.  I bet yours does too.  But the other 10% of the time, I’m ashamed to admit, it gets rented to  Negative Nancy.  I’m generally not a negative person that is riddled with self-doubt, but I am human.  I am a worrier, and maybe that’s dictating the direction of my thoughts.  I realized, through that conversation, that I need to be in charge of where those thoughts go.  I need rent it to Happy Helen.

I plan to evict the negativity and the self-doubt.  How you ask?  With blind optimism, faith, and inspiration.  It’s something I have to train myself to do in that small percentage of time when I give-in to the self-doubt.  Open space is so important.  It allows us to be able to really hear our children.  Really pay attention to our faith.  Using that time to feed our passions and pay attention to who we are at our core will determine our actions during busy times.  Like I said, most of the time it’s automatic.  But during those other, weaker times: pray, go for a run, look at something or speak to someone that inspires you.  Reminding yourself of who you are at your core with reinvigorate you.  Let’s keep it positive!

Have a great Monday.




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