St. Patrick’s Day fun for the kiddos

MM St. Paddys Collage

Hey mamas!


With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, (a week from this coming Monday) I thought I would share a few things I have done in the past with my kiddos.


Using chalk, I made “leprechaun” foot prints from the garden into our house.

entrance with rainbow

Of course there had to be a rainbow for him to enter…


Once our leprechaun was in our house, he was up to all kinds of hijinks.

For example, her turned everything in my daughter’s room upside down!


He peed in our toilet without flushing….


He even wrote on our mirror!

He did nice things too…like leave flowers and candies for the kids.  Each day of the week leading up to St. Paddy’s the leprechaun would do something for the kids.  Somedays it was mischievous, some days it was nice, and some days it was a craft.  I blamed it all on the leprechaun.  I had a fun time coming up with things to do as the leprechaun and the kids had a fun time trying to catch the leprechaun.  My daughter talks about that crazy leprechaun all year.  Success!


Fruit Loops Rainbow craft.  I poured some fruit loops (left by our leprechaun) in a bowl and had my daughter (3 at the time) sort the colors into divided plates (you could also use a cupcake pan).


I used a pencil and outlined the rainbow onto the paper.  She placed the cereal onto the lines of the rainbow with glue.  Lou is now 5 and could do this part without my guide.  But I will still do the the guide for my 2 year old.


When she was done with the rainbow we added cotton balls for the clouds.  This craft took her a while at age three, mainly because of the sorting and of course she had to eat all the broken pieces of cereal.  Quality control….

green waffles

Instead of making my own waffles or pancakes from scratch and dyeing the batter, I bought the frozen waffles from Trader Joe’s and dyed the butter green.  I blamed the green butter on the leprechaun.


DIY Puff Paint Clovers.  I didn’t buy a single thing at the store to make this, that was the best part.  To make your puff paint, all you need is equal parts glue and shaving cream.  (I used Elmers and Barbasol.)  Just make however much you think you’ll need.  I used a 1/2 cup of each.  It was too much for this craft.  Then add the food dye.  Lou loved to do this with her hand, the texture was weird and fun.  I cut out clovers from construction paper and blamed that “gift” on our leprechaun.  She topped the paper with the DIY puff paint.  Then topped that with eyes from paper and mouths made from pipe cleaners.  The pipe cleaners were fun because I had them on hand and because you can have your clover make any expression you want.


 Lou’s clover look very surprised…FYI, these took a long time to dry.

beginning of gold hunt

On the morning of St. Patrick’s Day, the leprechauns created a rainbow throughout our house and left a note right outside the kids rooms.  The note said to follow the rainbow to find the pot-o-gold.


We used crepe paper and created the rainbow.  We pulled this rainbow throughout the house.  My hubby and I had a great time trying to pull this off.


It was pretty tough to keep the rainbow straight throughout the twist and turns.

(BTW – this picture is from two years ago at our old house.)




It ended by the back door, behind the curtain.  It was a bowl with Rolos, chocolate gold coins, and gold tissue paper to make it look fuller.  Seriously, the kids loved this!  We kept the crepe paper up in certain parts for a few days.  Lou really wanted to have the crepe paper in their hallway all the time.  LOL.

This year I’ll update my twitter and instagram with what our leprechaun gets up to…he starts on Monday….



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