A Grateful Heart


Having an attitude of gratitude is very important to me.  Some mornings I wake up and don’t have a grateful thought in my head.  Instead, I’m bogged down with complaints.  I’m tired, I need more sleep, how many responsibilities do I have to today?  But when you commit yourself to having an attitude of gratitude your grateful heart can counteract the negative complaints.

I’m not saying it’s a switch you flip and all of a sudden you’ve had enough sleep and you’re fresh out of complaints.  All I’m saying is that there will always be annoyances in life and you may never have enough sleep, but you will always be grateful if your heart is always full of gratitude.

I have a quote in bathroom that I can see when I’m brushing my teeth in the morning that reminds me to be thankful to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.  This is what reminds me that my complaints are just surface and I should be thankful that I am here to complain.  I’ve said it before, but my family believes that what you think about and thank about is what you bring about.  This is what’s at my core.  I was raised to be thankful for everything.  My parents were always talking about how the things I had were privileges.  They were always explaining to us how we are lucky to have dinner on the table and a roof over our heads, and that we should be thankful for that.  I’m working on that with my kids too.  They are getting pretty good at it.  My 2 year old boy says thank you without being prompted for just about everything.  My 5 year old is a pro!  That makes me so happy and so proud.

So today, say thank you.  Thank your family for loving you.  Thank your friends for their friendship.  Thank God you’re alive.  Thank your husband or wife for being your partner in life.  Thanks to the checker at the grocery store, the barista, your co-workers, your boss…anyone you come across.  Spread your attitude of gratitude and sooner or later, it will be tattooed on your heart.



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