Meet Claudia

Hey mamas,

Today I have a fun mom for you to meet!  I had the pleasure of meeting Claudia through our daughter’s preschool.  She was always game to enjoy the Mommy Night Outs (still is!) and had the most adorable and sweetest little girls.  That’s exactly why I knew I needed to know her.  And it has been such a pleasure!  She and her husband moved to El Dorado Hills from Land Park.  Me too (except I live in Folsom)!  I loved chatting about all our fave spots in that fantastic historic neighborhood…Vic’s anyone?  Then we bonded over our die hard love for Anthropologie.  Seriously she has some amazing pieces from there.  She’s super laid back and easy going, but she’s never met a dance floor she didn’t like.  I mean, I LOVE a good dance floor.  But this girl has out-danced me on occasion!  I just love it when someone surprises you.  And Claudia is full of surprises in the best way possible!

Meet Claudia:


Hi! My name is Claudia and I live in El Dorado Hills. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and my parents were both Croatian immigrants. We had a big extended family and we had lots of Croatian family friends. It seemed like there was a big picnic almost every weekend in the summer. It was a lot of fun. At least we roasted our pigs and lambs on the side of the house and not in the front yard!


I have lots of family in Croatia as well and I go there as often as I can to visit with them and enjoy the Croatian coast. I used to go every year, but now that I have 2 kiddos in tow, I haven’t been there in a few, but we are headed there this summer!

I was an only child (I can just hear everyone I know saying “that explains A LOT!”) until I was 20 years old. I lost my father when I was 11, and 8 years later I was thrilled when my Mom married my stepfather, a tall and charming Dutch man. Soon after that, my baby sister was born! They all moved to Germany during my sophomore year of college. My Mom and sis moved back to Chicago in time for my sister’s 5th grade. She is in grad school in Colorado now, and my stepfather still lives in Germany. He will hopefully retire soon and move to EDH with my Mom (she moved here from Chicago 4 years ago).  I hate having my family spread out all over the place!

I went to Cornell College in Iowa and majored in Psychology and Cultural Anthropology. I followed some friends to Sacramento in 1993 after graduation (my family was still living in Germany so I said “what the heck!”). As much as I love Chicago, now I’m all avocados and sprouts and sunshine and would never move back to the Midwest!

girls 1

I met my husband in 2004, and a year and a half later we got married, and we now have 2 beautiful daughters, Sophie (age 5) and Mila (age 3).

girls 2

I’m a relatively new SAHM. I quit my job in August to stay home with my daughters. I spent the last 20 years in the software development world (I am actually quite a geek!). My last position was Director of Operations for a customer retention and marketing service company that I helped start up 13 years ago. As tough as it was to leave a very rewarding job, I love being home and I am so happy to be involved in my children’s lives. It is a decision I will never regret.

I enjoy hiking, running, reading books (I usually have about 4 going at a time), and cooking.

Currently Coveting


I really want a new ipad. I have the first gen ipad, which is basically useless because it doesn’t accept new OS upgrades. I can’t Kindle, I can’t watch TV shows, and I want FaceTime. With my family spread all over I need it. I will have to accidentally chuck my first gen out of my car window to justify this purchase!

And now that I am a SAHM, and after recently walking around in wet shoes and socks for half a day, I realized that I really need a pair of Hunter boots like these:

hunter boots

Hunter Original Contrast Boot in Black Green White Biscuit $150

I really love my…


Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch Up & Highlight Pen $23

I color my hair and it’s something I can’t live without. It gets me through until my next touch up!

Guilty Pleasure…

Red wine! I’m not too picky about varietals but I really love a good Cab.


I love dark chocolate and I love cookies, so LU Petit Écolier Extra Dark Chocolate European Biscuits are usually stashed somewhere in my house.


I also love Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts. I used to eat half a package a day when I was pregnant with Mila. I was so addicted!

Fave beauty item:


Ageless Intensives Tone Correcting Moisture SPF 30 $21.99

I’ve tried all kinds of tone correcting products and my favorite is Ageless Intensives Tone Correcting Moisture. I use it in the winter to even out my skin tone. I like this one because it is also a moisturizer that I always remember to put on in the morning.


Pati Dubroff Aqua Tint Innovative Liquid Lip Gloss $17.99

I recently discovered Pati Dubroff Aqua Tint Lip Gloss. I love that it is more of a stain than a gloss. It’s versatile, not sticky, and it lasts quite a while.

Recent mommy moment…


A couple of weeks ago I took Sophie and Mila to the Folsom Chick-Fil-A for a lunch playdate with Mila’s preschool classmates. They have a fun play area for kids and things were going great until it was time to leave. It was time for Mila’s nap so I gave the usual warnings that we would be leaving soon. Mila, who is usually agreeable and easy going, has been in the throes of the terrible threes lately and the two girls fed off of each other’s misbehavior. Sophie tried to exert control over the situation, which I didn’t allow, and the next thing you know, I am literally dragging Sophie through the restaurant carrying her boots in my hands, while she is whining and screaming. By the time we make it to the front door, she gets a hold of the boots and chucks one in the direction of the cashier and one in the opposite direction. Luckily the area had cleared out after the lunch-time rush. I avoided eye contact with anyone, left the boots where they fell, and took the girls to the car. I locked them in and walked back to retrieve the boots that someone had neatly set them on the little console by the door. It was quite a scene. Thankfully all of the other kids from preschool were gone by then!

OK, Croatia looks beautiful!!  Red wine and chocolate – she is speaking my language!  And, I think she’s like the 5th Five for Friday mom to say they covet Hunter Boots.  Note to any hubbies reading this blog:  GIFT IDEA: Hunter boots!  Click the link above and add to cart.  I mean, it’s their “covet”.  And also, I need those.  My rain boots recently sprung a leak.  I’m sure you enjoyed the post, but if you have any questions for Claudia, or any other Five for Friday mamas, just leave your question in the comments of their post.

Happy Friday!




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