Rainy Day Activities



Hey mamas!

Well, it’s raining here.  Yep, NorCal is finally getting some rain.  Which means we will be indoors for a little while.  Today I’m rounding up the top pins for Kids Craft and Activity Ideas.  Click the link to see all my pins on that topic and to follow the board.  You can see all my boards and pins here.



This is genius!  My daughter loves to stargaze, but it can be difficult to see the constellations in the night sky.  With this, you can train the eye to see them.  Great camping prep.  Awesome!



Perfect for these next few days.  For little hands, parents can do all the cutting and pasting.



I love adding natural elements with children.  Go on a rain walk and bring some branches home.  If you get different kinds of branches from a few different kinds of trees you can discuss how each leaf leaves a different stroke and why.  Even the tiniest tot can enjoy this activity!



Gross motor skills and a tunnel.  What the what?!  Perfect for little boys or just little fingers.  If your child isn’t standing yet, use an empty toilet paper roll instead of an empty paper towel roll and they can do it while sitting.  PS – they almost always have these pom poms in the “dolla dolla bins y’all” at Target.



Healthy sibling competition + working on aim = fun for everyone!



This really speaks to where I’m at right now.  I need Ms. Lou to see her sight words over and over and over again.  She still asks how to spell about half of the sight words I know she should have already memorized despite how many times we listen to the CD about them.  Completing a puzzle makes their self-esteem soar!



Never done this and now I am totally doing this!  What a fun activity!



Go fish!  I mean, who doesn’t own these?  Great way to introduce or reinforce their letter recognition.  If you don’t, buy them at the dollar store.  Cheap and cheerful fun!!



Man, this is bringin’ me back!  “Down by the bay….”



Babies love mirrors.  They love seeing their own reflection.  It’s so funny when they don’t know that it’s their reflection and they are, like, flirting with themselves thinking it’s some other good lookin’ baby.  Hilarious.  Anyway, this is great for young babies (sitting) and for older kids.  Plus, you just hose down the mirror and they can start all over again.  Maybe not the best indoor rainy day activity, but I am totally doing this today under the overhang on the front porch.  I’ll have them paint the rain clouds.

I hope you find something to do with your kiddos!  Did you know that I’m on Insta and Twitter?  Follow me @mamamomtourage.  Are you on there too?  If so, leave your username in the comments and I’ll follow you back!




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