I’m glossy!

gloss Collage

Hey mamas!

What girl doesn’t love lip gloss?  My daughter has loved it from the time she was very tiny, most likely because she saw me applying and re-applying.  Gloss makes everything better.  Even if you are giving your skin a day off from make-up, the right gloss just make your complexion look a little happier.  Throw on some “privacy sunnies” and you’re more glamourous than ever without the full face of make-up.

I like my gloss to be long-wearing.  I do not like the color to be highly pigmented, but enough so that it looks like I am actually wearing something other than Aquaphor.  I also do not like what my husband refers to as “sticky lips”.  You know when it feels like you used a glue stick on your lips?

I am fair skinned, but the glosses I wear are all across the board color wise and my friends with different complexions have all borrowed them and they look good on just about anybody.

Here are my favorites:

19 chanel


119 chanel




SCINTILLANTES GLOSSIMERS by Chanel have been my fave for 13 years.  They feel like a balm, wear long, have just a hint of color, and have a million colors to choose from.  This is my TOP GLOSS!  Always.  The only bummer is the cost and the fact that they tend to discontinue specific colors from time to time.  Do yourself a favor and GO BUY THIS GLOSS!

rouge chanel

Chanel ROUGE ALLURE EXTRAIT DE GLOSS #71 Réflexion $32

This one is super long wear.  I love this color on me, so I was happy to commit.  But make sure you try try try because it really means “long wear”.


MAC Dazzleglass Lipcolour in Moth to a Flame $20

bare nec

MAC Dazzleglass Lipcolour in Bare Necessity $20

MAC glosses are great because they have a million colors and they are fairly long wear.  But these are the glosses I referred to as glue stick glosses.  Beware, your lips may not move as freely after you apply.  But maybe that’s a good thing…..

city lips

City Gloss Advanced- Sun Diego $35

These are new to me.  I just bought one about 3 weeks ago.  So far I love it!  Their color selection is fairly limited and they are pricey, but I had to try it.  It’s a treatment for your lips as well as a dose of color.  Love a multitasker!

The company says:

CITY Lips Advanced contains HA Plumping Spheres, a specialized HA technology for quick absorption and maximum benefit. CITY Lips Advanced gives you all the benefits of HA without the cost, pain, or risk associated with surgery or injections. Before you resort to injections, first try CITY Lips Advanced. Use the treatment morning and night for 30 days, and be amazed at your results!

Buy locally at Parkside Pharmacy.

clinique 2 ton tomato

Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Color Balm in Two Ton Tomato $17


Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Color Balm in Pudgy Peony $17

The Chubby Sticks are awesme!  Yes, they’re not glosses but I wear them in place of glosses.  The feel like lip balm and go on super light.  The Two Ton Tomato color looks ah-mazing on everyone!


Revlon Color Burst Balm Stain in Sweetheart 8.99 (Drugstores)

Here’s a very comparable drugstore brand.

black honey

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey $15

This is an old school favorite.  This color may look scary, but it’s not.  It’s crazy sheer and looks different on every single person that tries it.  It’s also what they call a “build able color”, meaning the more times you apply the darker it gets.  This is a must!

Time for you to tell me your all-time favorite glosses!




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