Hey mamas,

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Sacramento Fashion Week Saturday showcase with 14 other fabulous fashionistas!


The evening ensembles for Dee O Knows Style and myself


And on the fabulous Miss Leslie


Dee, strutting her stuff on the way to dinner.  Fabulous!

We went to dinner at Rio City Cafe.  I haven’t been there since high school.  I thought the food was delicious.  I had the beet salad and it was everything I could have wanted.  A couple of fashionistas around me got the fettuccine alfredo and they said it was very good.  Another fashionista got the butternut squash ravioli and she loved it.  When we were seated we were on the deck right on the water.  It was a little warm and the servers immediately turned on some fans for us.  I thought the service was very prompt and the split the bill for our large group.  What more could you as for?


Kindra and I right before the show starts…but first, let’s take a selfie.




Look at all these beautiful ladies!  C’mon!

Here are some of my random thoughts about the whole experience:

-The venue was the Sacramento Automobile Museum.  The location itself was pretty terrible.  It wasn’t walking distance to any of the fun downtown spots or any hotels really.

-The models that greeted everyone were wearing these crazy aluminum and light up dresses.  Very avant garde.  The models said they were surprisingly comfy.


-The inside of venue was pretty awesome though.  The layout was fun.  You have to walk through all the cars to get into the show, which I liked.  The VIP area was super dark.  I mean, there’s moody lighting and then there’s “who-am-I-talking-to” dark.


-The best thing to come out of the VIP area was my new $5 light up lip gloss from Blink Beauty.  (More on that later this week.)  The worst thing to come out was the booze.  According to the fashionistas, they could have offered a better selection of brands.

-Once inside the show, the vibe was very cool.  There were tons of photographers standing at the ready at the end of the catwalk.




-Everyone in the venue was def dressed to impress.  I loved how everyone was putting their best foot forward.  Yes, there were a few missteps (in my opinion) in the crowd, but I thought it was fun that everyone was showing their personality.

-When it came time for the models to strut their stuff I was pretty impressed with the fashion, (more on that below) but I was less than impressed with the lighting.  There were very beautiful models with amazing bods, but the lighting combined with the metallic runway cast very negative shadows on everyone’s legs.  It looked like cellulite from time to time.  Like, supa dupa unflattering.  Poor, beautiful Bethany Crouch. (she was the MC)  You can tell that woman takes great care of herself but that lighting was brutal.  Seriously, Giselle Bunchen could have been on that runway and only looked half amazing.

-We had a great time playing Project Runway and stating our opinions about the fashions.  Here’s our best fashion judge faces.


-The show was very well organized.  I did think it was a little bit on the long side at 2 hours.  Maybe cut it back to 90 minutes.

-As for the fashions…I loved Maisha Bahati, Mimi Tran, and Micheal Kouri’s the best.  But overall I was pretty impressed.  I mean, this is Sacramento not New York or Milan.  I’m very proud of our little “cow town”.  It’s awesome that we are able to put on an event like this, so special thanks to the whole team at Sacramento Fashion Week.  Even more awesome that it benefitted such a great cause as the Junior League.

-The was a very “runway” show.  I did not expect any “ready-to-wear” concepts, but I was happily surprised at exactly how runway it really was.  To me, a runway show is an artful extreme of what the trend will be once it hits the streets.

-According to the show, the fall/winter trends will include plunging necklines, sheer pieces with sequin details, structural shapes, volume, and the maxi is here to stay.

-There wasn’t an abundance of cabs, so after the show we had a hard time hitching a ride downtown.  Uber was going to take way too long so we called some cabs and they came faster.

-Here are a few of my fave looks:


Michael Kouri


Michael Kouri


Michael Kouri (℅ FB)


Michael Kouri


Maisha Bahati


Maisha Bahati (℅ FB)


Mimi Tran


Mimi Tran (℅ FB)

All in all, this was a great night with great friends!  I love that something like this was going on in our town.  I wish I had gotten a pic of the whole group, but I missed the opportunity at dinner and we were never all together again.  Next time I’ll remember to take it at dinner because there were a few fabulous ladies that are not pictured above.  Sad!  Special thanks to all of my Momtourage that took a ton of pics!



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