She’s a dreamer…



Hey mamas!

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend!  Today we are talking about dreams and endless possibilities.  Our children are the purest form of endless possibilities.  In what they see and think and in what they can become with their own lives.  My son looks at a restaurant menu and sees a tunnel for one of his race cars while my daughter looks at a blank piece of paper and sees unending scenarios of what to draw.  Possibility everywhere.  As adults we all know too much.  We know what does what, where things should be, and where to do what.  Every now and again, we need to “unknow” all those things.  Instead, we should see endless possibilities.  Listen to your dreams, think about how to implement them, and do it.  Throw all your logic to the wayside and imagine how you could implement your dreams and then take action.  Have fun, get crazy, and liberate the endless possibilities within you.




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